Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Means Pumpkins

It's been a gorgeous fall. More beautiful than any I can remember in the last 4 something years of living in Seattle. The sun has shone on the changing leaves and the temperature has dropped into sweater-and-scarf coolness. The damp has held off. And that makes all the difference!

Friday was a "mandatory day off" for the Bubba's company. I haven't written any of these days down on the family calendar just so that when my Bubba comes home on a random Tuesday and says "Remember that this Friday is a furlough day." I can be pleasantly surprised and excited about a long weekend, and I don't worry so much about the dent in the paycheck.

This weekend we got outside as much as possible and had some nice visits with friends. Friday, we made dinner for friends, and there's not much more to say there except to tell you that we made this butternut squash soup and I put together this apple pie, and I can't recommend either of them highly enough. Have you ever put wine in your caramel? AMAZING. In fact, I'm counting the minutes until lunchtime when I can eat some again.

On Saturday we hauled ourselves down to Bonney Lake to pick out the perfect pumpkins.

The search is on!

The pumpkin patch also had some small farm animals, a corn room (Seriously. A room full of dried corn for the kids to jump and dig in), and some other fun things for bigger kids. Lucy was mostly ambivalent.

But the biggest attraction by far? Not the animals that Lucy barked at (even though they were chickens and goats and sheep. Ah, to be fair she DID wiggle her nose at the rabbits). Not the field of knobbly vines to navigate. It was the wheeled contraptions.

First! The wheelbarrow!

"OH WOW!" Lucy kept saying!
Practicing her balancing skills.
I'll let you imagine the shrieks of frustration that ensued.

Next! The tah-do! The tractor took us on a short ride around the patch. Plenty long enough for a 14 month old.

Fist bump! Tractors rides ROCK.

A close second to the Things That Go that gained Lucy's attention? The issue of the cleanliness of the pumpkins. There was no appeasing her elevated sense of propriety. She tried mighty hard to brush the dirt off of every single pumpkin in the patch.

Why can't they keep these clean?

But we ended up with the perfect family of pumpkins which are sitting on our porch. We're waiting for the inspiration to carve them.

Uuurrrgh. This one's HEAVY.


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

That little tongue in the last pic is stinkin' cute!

Carrie said...

So cute!

Ethan and I are currently having a fight over the pumpkin- he insists that it's an apple and refuses to say pumpkin. I think he's doing it on purpose :)

Lindsay said...

Something about little kids and pumpkin patches is so cute.

Kate P said...

She is a transportation connoisseur! That looked like a grand day out for you guys.

barbetti said...

I LOVE these photos. Haha, the fist pump made me laugh pretty good. She looks so much older than any 14 month old I know, wow.