Thursday, October 8, 2009

14 Month Update

So much for blogging this week.

I've been fully engaging a certain small(ish) person who happens to live here in every single part of her day. And when she finally sleeps, I stare at the wall for a few hours to recover. The teeth. They might kill me. The outside points of three of the molars are now established, but we're still working on the inside pokies, and the third molar that is causing a lot of swelling and making my daughter a slobbery biting machine. And this while, from what I can tell in the glimpses Lucy affords me, the four other side incisors are thinking about making an appearance.

My friend Carrie and I used to joke that when (IF on my part!) we get to heaven, we'd lobby that God change the teething course to one just really bad month and get it all over with. I'd have to say that this experience has changed my mind. Both for my own sake and for the poor kid's. Eight teeth at once is more than one person and the surrounding innocents should have to bear.

Add to the teething the usual toddler exploration of boundaries and trying of patience and breaking of rules and break-neck moodswings, and I've had myself a nice rounded handful of craptastic this week.

HOWEVER! I did not sit down to write this intending to outline the yuck-fest that is Chez Nous right now. It is the 8th, and Lucy is officially 14 months old. Therefore! A Lucy Update!

14 month summation in 10 words or less: The fun is more fun, the suck is more sucky.
  • Lucy's vocabulary has mushroomed, and it's mostly hilarious (to me). She does a pretty good job of getting her needs across now between words and sign. She says "Hi, Mama!" when I walk into her room in the morning. Like she's a person or something! Her other favorite phrase is "No WAY!" I hear that a couple times a day. She's started putting a couple words together too. Like "Car! Go!" or "MO! peeesss."
  • Lu has a couple of her books memorized and it cracks me up when she interrupts my reading with whatever word comes next.

Evidently a frog says "Rrrrraaaah, rrrrraaaah"
  • Last night Lucy woke up and just started saying "Oh, no! Oh no!" very pathetically. Maybe I shouldn't find that funny, but I couldn't stop laughing.
  • A large part of Lucy's interest during the day is directed toward our living room windows. She can stand in the corner of the couch and watch for trucks and people and dogs for a good while. She's a pretty good guard dog in the sense that I hear "TOW-TUH!" (tow truck = delivery truck and pickup truck also) and "BeeBoh!" (people!) and various animal noises to alert me to the goings-on of our busy neighborhood. Oh and how could I have forgotten the "WeeeeOOoooo, weeeeOooooo."
  • When Lucy is in a different room from me - EVEN IF SHE CAN SEE ME - she'll start her own game of "Marco Polo." She'll holler "MAMA!" To which I respond "Baby!" "MAMA!" "Baby!" Repeat an unfunny number of times. Sometimes she comes to find me, sometimes she just wants to make sure she knows where I am.
  • The opinions. She has them about everything. From wearing her orange Crocs ALL DAY NO MATTER WHAT to what she wants to eat. In fact, she'll walk into the pantry and point at the things she wants for me to get down for her. Now I know how the Bubba feels when I need him around just to be tall for me.
Orange shoes and headband: Necessary accessories with cat pj's.

This girl is so darn smart, it's hard for me to both keep up with her AND remember that she's still just a baby. And at least once a day I thank the good Lord for things like the highchair and the crib where I can strap her in or cage her and have a moment of *SIGH*.


Lisa said...

AMEN! This is the stage where she starts learning something verbally funny just about every day. Enjoy that part, but watch what you say. Or you will hear her repeat it at just the wrong time! At least for the moment, you will be the only one who understands it, but that won't last long!

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Liz, Lu looks like Mom in the PJs pic!!!!!
Love your stories and love your zest!
Keep on!!

Carrie said...

Love the picture!

Ethan is still asking where "Wooshi" is. We need to plan another get together soon!

Lindsay said...

Lucy makes me want to petition for everyone to wear pajamas all the time. She makes it look cute and fashionable.

Manda said...

Dontcha hate it when the little shrimp outsmarts you? I FEEL YOU, GIRL! MEH!!!!!!

barbetti said...

I just love her face. For real. And, dare I say, she looks much older than 14 months to me. But I guess I only know of my 4-month old (who is monstrous, nonetheless).

Kate P said...

What a riot--I love her colorful outfits, even if they're supposed to be p.j.'s!