Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lucy Thinks Your Tractor's Sexy

When we go to the library, I always pick the cutsey books. The ones about the poor little chick that gets lost and scared, but at the end finds its mommy and everything's better. The books about how many kisses you can give a baby. The ones that talk about the beautiful colors of the flowers in the garden. Lucy has very little patience for these books. She'll listen for a page or two and then she'll be on to the next thing.

If, however, the book is about trucks? Lucy is sitting riveted, pointing at the pictures, waiting for the very last page to ask me to read it again. Right now on our shelf, we have a spattering of Sandra Boynton books, and a word book, and then a whole bunch of truck books. Dump trucks, construction machines, emergency vehicles, farm machines, Lucy loves them all.

I found truck stickers at the store a few weeks back, and put them all over the crib and wall in Lu's room. Lucy goes to bed now talking to her trucks. We'll hear "Uh oh, Kucka!" from her crib a million times as her trucks "dump" their "load." It's super exciting to me that Lucy has such an active imagination, but I always thought that it would tend more toward princesses and less toward excavators.

Not that I'm complaining! I think it's hilarious that Lucy knows the difference between a skid steer and a tractor and a back hoe (and a combine and a front end loader.....). Even if I have to look it up first.

Next step? Operating licenses.


Morgan S. said...

Isn't that funny! My older daughter absolutely could not get enough of farm equipment & tractors at that age. My mom bought her a set of flashcards w/textures on them all about farms. The shreiks of joy at the combine harvester card were unbelievable. :) What is it about them that they find so fascinating? It is not like they see a backhoe or log feller/buncher at work everyday!

Manda said...

Our little tomboys! Syd's favorite bath book is about CARS! That go BEEP! And she is also obsessed with BALL! As in get the BALL! And throw the BALL! And look there's a BALL (even if it's a balloon I don't correct her it's too cute. But I did have to draw the line at a coaches' meeting the other day when she saw a motorcycle helmet sitting on a bench and was all going nuts and yelling BAAAAALLLL! in the nice echo-ey school cafeteria. Then? "No Syd, that is a HELMET. Goldfish cracker?"

Dr. Maureen said...

Ah, trucks. Jack LOVES trucks. "Backhoe loader" was one of his earliest words. (Two of his earliest words?" He called it a "bah-hoe oh-da." Backhoe loaders are the coolest of all trucks, incidentally, because they dig AND load.

I highly recommend any Priddy book about trucks; the pictures are excellent.

-R- said...

She is so funny.