Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toddler Just Sounds So Cute

Lucy turned 13 months on Labor Day.

And by the way, when can we stop counting every month of the child's life? I'm good with saying "She's one" maybe until 18 months. And then what? Do I go back to saying 18 months or can I say one-and-a-half when the 19th month starts? And then move on to "almost two" after a couple months of that? I don't think I can be bothered to remember the months anymore. Just so you know.

I have a full-fledged toddler now. No way around it. I can't turn around before she's into EVERYTHING. E-v-e-r-y-thing. There's nothing this girl isn't curious about. It seems like every time I avert my eyes from my child I have to play the Where's Lucy? game.

Sometimes she's pretty predictible. She'll have gotten the bathroom door open somehow and will be eyeing the toilet paper roll (if I'm lucky!) or she'll be in the pantry/storage closet trying to figure out how to take all of her daddy's tools out of their cases.

Today I went into Lucy's room to put away some clean clothes. When I came out? She was gone. Totally disappeared. I called her name in the living room. Nothing. In the office. Nothing. In the kitchen. Nothing. There's no more to our house. I keep the doors to our bedroom and the bathroom closed. She wasn't anywhere. So I had to start looking through the CABINETS people. And the space under my desk (with the chair pushed in).

Do you know where she was?

In the teeniest little crevice between my kitchen rack and the wall where I keep my mop. Playing SILENTLY.

Can you see her pink elbow barely poking out?

The lip of the wall is just big enough that she
can comfortably play there without being seen!

She's learned how to crawl up onto the sofa. And doesn't know how to turn around to get down safely. So every once in a while I'll look up and she's rolling around in the pillows on the sofa.

She likes to pretend to go to bed

She's too little to understand that she might take a header off the sofa and she needs to turn around to get down backward. She loves playing at going to bed on the pillows. Here's the game: she lays her head down and then writhes around like she has snakes in her pant legs while I make snoring noises. Pause for maniacal laughter, repeat. Super safe on the edge of the sofa, you know?

I logged on to the public library website to see what books are waiting for us from our reserve list and lo! The child had somehow found my knitting bag and had deftly removed the needles from the socks I'm working on! It was time for a new project, but I wasn't quite going to scrap the socks!

I have to have a hawk eye on that child every moment. Every little chore turns into a very complicated multi-step process.

And now I am fully aware of why parents of toddlers feel like they never get ANYTHING done.


Manda said...

I love that little pink elbow shot. Heh!

Carrie said...

This is why I'm so grateful sometimes that my home is the size of a postage stamp- I can pretty much see the kids wherever they are from wherever I am.

Love that she found that tiny corner to play in!

Lisa said...

Ah, yes. It gets better...then worse, then better, then worse. Every time you adjust to the new challenges they pose, they step it up a notch. Enjoy!