Thursday, September 24, 2009

Three Things on This Thursday

1. Firstly, and most importantly, I got up at six this morning again to run. I'm doing it, people. The only non-negotiable is having the Bubba get up at the same time in order to get my lazy bum help motivate me out of bed. And? I stepped on the scale this morning against my better judgement, but! I'm at my lowest weight. Well, lowest weight since November, 2007. And that made me want to try on some of my "skinny" clothes. Weeeelllllll, we still have a ways to go. But we're on the right track!!

Secondly, I have all kinds of stuff to get done today because I leave TOMORROW for Sacremento! Swag for the Blathering. Library run for adequate amounts of trashy novels for the airports. Figuring out what knitting project I'm taking and whether I have bamboo needles that size in order to get it through security at the airport! Laundry! I guess I should also think about packing. But which outfit which day? And accessories? I can actually wear fun earrings since there won't be anyone trying to grab them out of my head!

Thirdly, my child. Do the Terrible Twos start at 13 months? I'm beginning to think yes. She climbs, she takes things apart, she tears the leaves off my house plants! When Lucy gets it in her head to do something, God help the person trying to stop her. She can out-wait me. And by that I mean distraction techniques are no longer working.

Let's take the example of the garden, shall we? When we play in the yard, it is inevitable that Lucy will become at some point interested in "picking strawberries" whether or not there are red ones, and mostly this just means terrorizing my garden. I will correct her, play in her sand box with her, show her how to pick dandelions, and otherwise occupy her. She will wait until the very second my guard is down and then bee line for my garden again, tomatoes be damned! She's like a super robot that calculates my next move in order to destroy me. I have nothing more to say about this - other than GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND, BUBBA!

Lu, were you a house cat in your former life?


Carrie said...

I ran to the library and the grocery store last night after Daniel came home and returned to the site of Daniel holding the baby on one side of the room, while Ethan (unsupervised) was climbing on our very high kitchen counter.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Yes, the terrible twos start at 13 months. I did not like Ethan from age 14-15 months. It was actually worse than the 2s have been.

Have a great trip!

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...


Manda said...

OOH! Maybe we can do a slow plod together this Saturday? Emily is running this weekend but I have the feeling she's a rockstar and I will annoy her with my 12-minute (and whiney) 4ish miles. What do you think?

Lisa said...

Oh, yeah, they are sneaky, aren't they? Sounds like Olivia. Good luck with that.

Lindsay said...

Way to go on the getting up early and working it and seeing results. Have a great weekend!