Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Hoarse from Blathering

It was a good weekend.

I went to bed last night before 9pm. And I had trouble getting up this morning with Lucy at 7:45. Oh, I think there might have been a twenty minute hiatus where I had to get up to rock a screaming baby, but I mostly slept through it, so I'm not sure it counted.

Things I liked best about meeting all my bloggy friends this past weekend:
  • Maggie and I almost missed our flight to Sac town because we were warming up our Talky McChattersons. And we were sitting right there. In front of the gate.
  • All of my expectations - be they about the logistics or the people - were greatly surpassed.

This is what it looks like to hang with internet addicts.
Who have fancy phones with internet on them.
  • I laughed until I was in pain. Mostly because of Whitney and Amy. Them's some funny girls.
  • Elizabeth was the most gracious and lovely of hostesses. I still can't believe all the trouble she went through. The weekend was amazing in no small part to her.
  • We all picked up like old friends that haven't seen each other for a while. Except we had to, you know, ask very basic questions like where are you from and about your family and whatever. But our PHILOSOPHICAL outlooks? Everyone knows about those.

The ladies at a fancy-pants lounge
  • These girls got me drunk on wine, in a spa chair, on the dance floor, and in recovery mode by Sunday.
Let's do this again next year.


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

A few of my non-computer friends have asked me over and over, "Was it weird?" and I keep reveling in the fact that it wasn't. AT ALL. Everyone just meshed and laughed. So fun. Miss y'all already.

barbetti said...

I already commented on Facebook. But really, I kind of sort of love you and I hope your husband is okay with that. The only bonus he would have over me would be an Annabelle 'stache.

She Likes Purple said...

I look much skinnier from very far away. I like pictures like that!

Also, you were delightful. I really should have told you that TO YOU but you were just the most lovely, delightful person.

I am already looking forward to next year.

Lindsay said...

I was just looking at I think Barbetti's pics. It just looks so fun and inclusive. Awesome! PS I love your purple top.

Kate P said...

Wow, look at all of you--how fun!

annie said...

I was so excited to meet you...and the reality of you surpassed my very high expectations. A blessing and a joy, Liz. That's you. xo

Manda said...

I am still too tired to write a recap. I LOVED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!
I LOVE LIZZIE!!!!!!!!!!

Kristie said...

There better be a next year or I'll cry. So much fun!

Moose said...

It was so nice to meet you! Everyone was a delight - and you especially.

Also, I think I might be approximately 87 years old for calling someone "a delight." Oh! Jennie does too. Good. I'm in excellent, geriatric company then.