Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Photos: Skip A Day Edition

I know, I know. It's only Thursday, you say. BUT! The Bubba has the day off tomorrow and we're going to enjoy another long weekend! I'm going to be WAY too busy having fun tomorrow to post any Friday Photos.


The fam at Cannon Beach in Oregon.
This is a framer.


Where does the sand go?
Or rather: I wonder what this tastes like?

Eating fried rice like it's her job at Molly's 1st birthday party.

Modeling her new fashion-forward hat.
Bring on the chill, Fall!


-R- said...

Your family is so adorable.

I love the hat!

Lindsay said...

If you tell me that you made that hat, I am going to weep, because you are entirely too talented at far too many things and I know the world is unfair and all, but SERIOUSLY?

Kate P said...

Cuteness!!! I hope Lu figured out that fried rice is way tastier than sand.

I love the color of the hat she is modeling. (But no, I am not ready for it to get cold just yet!)

Lisa said...

The baby...she is gone. It's obvious that you're toting a toddler around there. Before long, she'll be a terrible two. GAH! But so cute!