Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Teeth, Bite Me. Sincerely, Lizzie

Just when I feel like I'm getting the hang of this particular developmental step in Lucy's life, I get blind-sided by something else!

I was ready to sell my child last night. Not even. I was ready to place a Free To Good Home add on Craig's List. I would have settled for taking a financial bath in the transaction. And I would even have offered all the accessories and plastic toys as a bonus.

My mother's intuition tells me to read the (oh so subtle) clues as Teething Round Three. The princess won't let me look in her mouth, though, so it's hard to be certain. However, if it is indeed teeth, this round is a Doozy. She's got the runny nose to go with it. And the whiny attitude. Oh, and the NOT SLEEPING ONE LITTLE WINK.

The copious amounts of saliva emanating from the creature's mouth during the day seems to get stuck with the over-abundance of snot in the throat-al area causing gagging and coughing and all manner of sputtering patheticness at night. And the child subsequently freaks out as if she's just taken a couple lungs full of bath water and will not lay down.

For three nights now, I have been mattress for this little body for at least an hour or two a night while she calms down enough to deign to be in her bed ever again. The Bubba and I have been zombies during the day from being woken up by coughing and gagging and the consequent screaming from which point Lucy has a really hard time settling back down.

But last night? Totally took the cake.

I was in bed - asleep mind you, see previous paragraph - before 9pm after having tended to Lucy twice already since 7pm and administered a dose of pain reliever. I was then woken up at 10:15, 11, and 12am with the sad baby. At 12, I finally sat up with her thinking that if anyone was going to get any sleep, it was going to be because I dozed in the chair with her.

Except! She couldn't roll around if she was cuddled on my shoulder!

So, she ended up in our bed finally at 1:30. From which point, she slept ok. And we did not.

The end.

I am praying really really hard that today goes easy on me. And I've got a BIG WEEKEND ahead of me too. One in which Lucy gets left with BABYSITTERS! I've already started stressing out.


Carrie said...

Teething is the worst. :( I hope you guys get some rest soon.

Ethan was so tired out from your visit that her fell asleep during dinner and was out cold until this morning!

Lisa said... sucks when there is no good way to soothe your child and get some sleep. It will pass, but I can't promise that it will be soon.