Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Is this thing right? It's Wednesday already? As in, the week's half over?!

This weekend was a whirlwind. My sister and brother-in-law and two of their kids flew in on Friday morning for a quick visit. And do you know what I learned? That I am OLD.

Friday we did downtown in true tourist fashion. The Market, the Monorail, the Space Needle, the Rack! Fresh fish and chips, bubble tea, still-hot greasy doughnuts! Then we bought some fresh coho salmon and made it on our grill here at home and had a chance to hang out.

This photo would be perfect if someone were
standing directly in front of me blocking my Harm (ham-arm)

When they left for the night to go back to their hotel, I lay in bed completely unable to sleep from the constant activity and the stress of being a good tour guide. That and my knees were killing me. I even wore sneakers! I had to take some pain reliever and wind down for a good hour before sleep would come.

And that was just Friday! Saturday the Bubba and Lucy and I showed the sissy's family around our quirky little neighborhood, walked along the ship canal, and walked around SU's campus - older niece is wanting to get as far away from home as possible when she goes to school. (Just kidding, Brenda.) It would be pretty cool to have her come our way. I'm pretty sure we could work out some sort of nanny-for-food sort of deal...

Saturday night was my cousin's wedding. And as it turns out, Brenda and I were the only people from our side of the family there! It's not a huge extended family. But we were sort of expecting a family reunion. No such luck.

My cousin went to USC and our families are from Ohio, so what better day to wed than on the day USC plays Ohio State? Half the friends there were friends from USC and all of the cousins on that side of the family went to - slash - currently attend Ohio State. We were pretty sure it was going to get ugly a couple times when each faction started singing their fight song on the dance floor!

Brenda and I had fun and we laughed and drank wine like grown-ups and shook our booties like, um, not grown-ups.

Lookin' good, sister.

But then we had to say goodbye in the parking garage at the end of the night. Their flight was bright and early, and there's no way I was mobilizing to meet them for coffee or anything. So goodbye it was.

Too short a visit. From the Wednesday perspective, it seems almost like it didn't even happen. Like we made it up. Like three days ago Older Nephew wasn't playing with Lucy on the floor. Like I didn't get to show my sister what my adult life looks like with my own family. But fun was had.

The pictures and souvenir T-shirts will prove it.

And the pictures OF souvenir T-shirts will too.

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