Tuesday, September 22, 2009

13 Things You Might Want To Know Before Meeting Me

I luuuuuurve meeting new people. However, meeting a bazillion new people all at once is a little more than intimidating. But that's just what I'm going to do this weekend in Sacramento!

So! In preparation for The Blathering, here are 13 things about me:

1. Remembering peoples' names is basically the hardest thing EVER for me. I am a typical extrovert, but I have an AWFUL time remembering peoples' names even though I really, REALLY want to. I often ask people to repeat their names two or three times within moments of meeting them. This is a super embarrassing flaw. Please don't hate me for it.

2. I'm a loud talker. I have lots of siblings for which I will blame this. My mom calls my oldest brother and me Mr. and Ms. Loud. I'm also a loud laugher. And I laugh a lot.

3. I'm pretty good at being a chill mom, but I might make you look at all the photos on my phone or iPod. And also? I really do want to see all the photos on yours. Even if they're pets.

4. I have quite a potty mouth that I am trying to curb now that my daughter repeats most of what I say. Chances are, after a drink or two, no holds barred sailor swearing will ensue. I do my best to keep it under wraps.

5. Another quirk that comes out with a little alcoholic lubrication: my need to make everyone laugh. I am relentless in my trying to be funny. Sometimes it works. Sometimes the foot goes into the word hole.

6. I really like doing things with my hands. I can't watch TV without a yarn or sewing project, I tear the labels off of my beers, I constantly turn my wine glass in my hands, I twirl my hair. I'm not nervous, I'm just not still.

7. I'm a toucher! I hug! I back slap and hip bump and nudge. But I am not at all offended if you remind me that I'm in your personal space.

8. SAHM is an new position for me. It turns out I really like it, and I really like my kid. I read and learn all I can about my new profession. I could talk to you for ages about babies' cognitive and physical development. I find it FASCINATING.

9. Other than that stuff, my favorite things to talk about are books and food and knitting. I'm always looking for book recommendations and new recipes and patterns.

10. I'm a huge francophile. I have a Masters in French Studies which I am currently putting to use by teaching the language to a small person who strongly resembles my husband.

11. My knitting is compulsive. I have two or three projects cast on at any given time and I have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning not only to finish a project but to get to the "good part" of one. Like turning the heel of socks or finishing the cable panel or getting to the armpits of a sweater. Oh the thrill!

12. I come from a family of 5 and my Bubba is one of seven. Together, we have 25ish nieces and nephews. Our families are a big part of who we are and we cherish them, and I get kind of defensive when people judge big families.

13. Games are awesome in my book. Any sort, really. Scratch that - no sport-type games. I'm so uncoordinated I can't drive a stick shift. Any other games? I'm in.

This weekend is basically going to be the Mother of blind dates. I don't know anyone but Maggie. But I'm looking forward to it more than I am anxious about it, I think. I mean, if these ladies are anything like their blogs? We're already bestsies.


Mountain Momma said...

I lived in France in high school and used to be fluent - now I am a bit rusty, but maybe we can parlons en francais un petit peu?

Shelby said...

I can't wait to meet you! I don't know anyone IRL that's as geeked about knitting as I am =)

Elizabeth said...

I kept nodding my head and saying "me too!" through your whole list so I think yes, we will totally be friends and we can loud talk together. CAN'T WAIT!

Carrie said...

You are going to do great! I know you were all nervous about meeting me and Ethan and now look at what great friends we've all become. And this weekend you get that times (however many people are coming!). You're totally adorable and fun and nice and you are going to have a wonderful time and everyone is going to love you.

maggie said...

Did I make it clear that we should start the alcoholic lubrication on the airplane? Maybe then I won't need to hide behind you.

Holly said...

I think it's going to be awesome! And I will be in full on Try-Not-Too-Have-Such-A-Potty-Mouth Mode also...but not sure if I will be successful, especially because of the wine.

Holly said...
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barbetti said...

I know a little French, but I usually mix up all my words so I'm kind of useless there. But I can say merde and zut quite well.

Glad to know someone won't mind me showing them photos from my iPod, I will GLADLY view yours as well.

And I suck so bad with names. Seriously. I'm sure my recap blog post will have everyone mixed up and I'll get a lot of "NO! THAT WAS ME!!!!" So I apologize in advance.

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Hi! I'm a late addition to the Blathering, so I've been checkin' out everyone's lists and posted my own, too. Between books and food, it sounds like we'll have a lot to talk about, and maybe you can teach me how to not suck at knitting, and stop using those stupid looms. I'm super excited (and nervous as all hell!) to meet you!

Ashley said...

I love games too! We are addicted to all kinds of games in my house! That's awesome that you speak French. I took 5 semesters of French in college and have been two France twice (LOVE it!) but I still can't speak the language worth a darn. I'm terrible at languages!