Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Wedding

We went to a wedding in Tacoma on Saturday. We allotted ourselves pl-en-ty of time to get there and still we were late. Stupid Google directions.

When we finally showed up at the groom's family's house (the ceremony was in their gorgeous backyard), we were about 5 minutes late, and the wedding party was all lined up on the sidewalk ready to march in. The groom spotted us, and said "Hurry and you can sneak in before us."

Words of doom. I had to wake Lucy up and get her out of her carseat. And that's when I realized that at some point in the half hour of driving back and forth past the same hardware store and 7-11 eight different times, she had thrown up her spaghetti lunch all over her dress and carseat.

Cue UBER GUILT. My kid threw up and fell asleep in it. And I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. I got Lucy out of the seat and handed her to the Bubba who tried to assess the damage. While I was digging for wet wipes and wondering how we could have missed the barf smell or gagging noises. Were there any? There must have been, right?

And then I started crying. The stress of being late, and the Bubba using all kinds of creative curses of frustration in the getting lost, we're in a time crunch because the WEDDING PARTY is waiting for us to begin. We had to make a very quick decision to either go in to the ceremony or take care of all this stuff.

Fast forward 3 minutes. I pulled it together, the wet wipes cleaned up the worst of the mess, we decided that it sucked but didn't really matter, and we went in to the ceremony a bit frazzled with a barfy-smelling kid. She didn't look or act sick, so we've marked it up to motion sickness or something of the sort - she was perfectly happy crawling and walking around the yard at the ceremony.

How I spent the ceremony

And then after the ceremony, we graciously thanked them for holding the wedding for us (OMG, I'm still so embarrassed), and quickly changed her into the PJs I brought in case she got too tired.

A quick family pic before the wardrobe change

The rest of the wedding was uneventful in comparison.

At the reception, there was a photo booth and scrapbooking materials instead of a guest book. The Bubba and Lucy and I took full advantage.

The bride had a beautiful tiara-type beaded headband on with her veil and Lucy couldn't stop "talking" about it. She would point and say "Oooh! Oh!" and make the sign for "hat" again and again. And then even after dinner and saying our goodbyes and everything, we were putting her tired little body into her vomit-reeking carseat, she made the sign for "hat" again and nodded very seriously. Like she wanted me to know that she REALLY did like that head band.


Carrie said...

Oh, poor little Lucy! I'm glad she's okay and that the wedding went well. I love the pictures. Too funny.

You looked great with your stylish new haircut!

Lisa said...

I've been there, which is why even now we never leave the house without a back-up outfit. I can't tell you how many times I've needed to resort to using that outfit.

By the way...LOVE the new 'do!

Lindsay said...

I about whistled at the computer when I saw the pic of you walking Lucy....looking good, woman.

I so don't blame you for crying. There is nothing more rage inducing/ upsetting than trying so hard to do something and having it blow up in your face (or Lucy's in this case) anyway. Yay you for pulling it together quickly!

Kate P said...

That's one sharp looking family! (Not seeing a single speck of puke.)

I love that Lucy kept signing "hat." My niece did something similar when my mom took her along to visit an elderly nun friend--my niece kept pointing out all the "hats" (old fashioned veils) in the pictures of the founding nuns at the retired nuns' home!