Friday, August 7, 2009


At breakfast this morning

In the blur of the last twelve months, I am so glad that I kept a blog. Everyone says it, and that doesn't make it any less true: they grow up so fast. This past year has been nothing short of mind-blowing on a daily basis.

My first thoughts? I just gave birth to Bubba's dad!

A human creature came out of my lady parts. It cried a lot. It ate from my boobs. And then this amazing thing happened. It started learning all by itself and programming itself to defeat the parental unit.

And now? It consumes mass quantities of information each day and translates it into either a game or a joke or a song. My role has gone from Everything to something more along the lines of Food And Sometimes Cuddles as it navigates and explores all on its own.

My sweet little baby. My baby that used to sleep all day long. My baby that smells like energy and softness. My belly-laugher and song-hummer.

She's a year old.

Twelve months

All of the bear photos:


Carrie said...

I can hardly STAND the cuteness! Happy happy birthday!

-R- said...

Love the slideshow.

Happy birthday, baby!

amber theiss said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! We Love you sweet girl!

Lindsay said...

She has such a beautiful smile. She just glows when she smiles, and she always has. God willing, she always will. Kisses to the birthday girl.

Kate P said...

Hooray for twelve months! (P.S. you shrank your bear.)

Lisa said...

Boy, that bear is shrinking! Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Manda said...

WEEP! This post looms in my future. NOOOOOOO! (oh and Happy Birthday to the frosting fiend, hee!)