Monday, August 10, 2009

So Much Birthday For Such A Little Girl

Friday, my little muffin turned one. And since fruit is the reason for her existence, I made her a blueberry cake with strawberry frosting.

Delicious cube o' cake

She didn't quite know what to do with an entire cake at her disposal. She touched it gingerly before tasting it.

video video

Then Saturday we had a fun party at a park with friends. It was a cool day - not the nicest we've seen this summer, but it didn't rain. And the silver lining was that we had the park all to ourselves.

Playing with a ball popper with great-auntie Mary

Mmmmm. Frosting.

And it was so fun that Lucy had to pass out for 3 hours afterward.

I just love how she sleeps all tucked in. Her crossed legs under her and her arms all tucked under. When I rock her before bedtime, she buries her little arms into my shirt if she can. I tried to wake her up from her nap after a couple of hours (because I was worried about bedtime, you understand) and she gave me such a stink-eye that I left her be.

Apart from the party on Saturday, the Bubba and I spent the better part of this weekend just sitting around. We took full advantage of a lazy weekend to just relax and enjoy our daughter. We played songs with her on the piano and we helped her build towers of blocks. And we had the chance to actually notice all the amazing changes in her just in the past week.

But I'll go into that more tomorrow or Wednesday - we have her one year well-baby checkup tomorrow late afternoon, and I'll update her stats as well as her new skills.

She sure is amazing. My toddler.


Carrie said...

It was a great party- thanks again for inviting us!

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

-R- said...

The video of her playing with the frosting is adorable.

Dr. Maureen said...

That cake is adorable! Happy birthday, Lucy!

annie said...

Yay! happy birthday Lucy! My boys sleep like that too, all tucked in with their bottoms sticking up in the air. Little Jake always crosses his feet like that too, whether he's on his back or his tummy. And I just love it. Sleeping babies - all cozy and warm and snuggly. Best thing ever.