Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Round Two!

Another round of birthday goodness! Our families aren't the biggest sticklers for birthday wishes, cards, or anything like that. In a way, I'm glad that both of our families match in their ambivalence. How hard would it be to value timely birthday wishes very highly only to marry into a family that doesn't really care about that kind of thing?

I've always kind of liked the lackadaisical attitude toward birthdays, because it always meant somehow that (my) birthday was drawn out for at least a week. In Lucy's case, it's been almost a month!

Bobbing for presents

She got a big package from Grandma and Grandpa T. Monday full of fun goodies to unwrap and unravel and explore! And she gets to share things like homemade preserves with Mommy, so that's a plus! I even had to bake homemade bread last night to do the preserves justice. SO YUMMY.

A cute outfit and bibs in a homemade bag!

Grandma T sewed Lu some bibs. LOVE THEM. I tried to get her to send me the pattern so that I can sell them and start making my millions.

And then yesterday she got the new birthday toy that Grandma R. sent - a sand and water table. Oh the fun that was had!

Actually, the only way I could get her to come inside was to suggest she take one of the boats into the bath tub with her.


This girl is spoiled. And we will be shipping her off to Wisconsin for Grandmas and Grandpas to take care of when the spoiled turns rotten.

Get ready, guys.


Carrie said...

You realize that you now are going to have to have us over to play with that cool table, right? :)

Boxes from grandparents are so fun!

Lisa said...

Oh, those tables are PERFECT at that age. Olivia could play for hours at her water table at that age.