Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Friday: So Big Edition

Big enough to sit forward in the car!
(In a carseat that no longer smells like barf)

There's so much to see!
We hear constant reports of "Truck!" and "Car!" and
"Broooom!" from the backseat now.

Our little Lawrentian!
(subtitled: Save a spot for me in the
physics department, Prof. Cook!)


Lindsay said...

She is so darn cute. Very photogenic, too.

maggie said...

She looks SO MUCH like Adam in that last picture.

Kate P said...

Next thing will be license plate sightings or punch-buggy!

(Psst, Maggie--don't let on to Lizzie that you've been looking at her husband's legs! Hahahaha.)

Lindsay said...

aww you do such a good job of keeping your fam up to date with this thing. Love the so big Fridays.