Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Long Weekend

Tomorrow morning bright and early we leave for our long weekend getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon. I've never been to the ocean on this side of the world, and I hear nothing but amazing things about the Oregon coast. So off I am to explore for myself!

Our main real reason for going is a wedding. Our good friends are having a beach wedding on Saturday afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it, because not only are we sort of going on mini-holiday, it's going to be packed with friends! I suppose that the only way it could be better was if some sort of family were going to be there too. Someone to love on our baby while we cut a rug, you know? But aside from that....

So today I'm in the throes of organizing and preparing. I am by far the best packer I know. I never pack too light, and never pack too much. I always end up with the perfect appropriate outfits for whatever occasion pulled out of my tiny weekend bag. When I pack for Europe (as if I've done that recently! HA!), I bring a medium-sized suitcase and it's the perfect amount.

Except. I can't get that to work for my family. We need the Pack&Play, we need a couple different outfits a day for the messy baby, we need layers upon layers of clothes for a chilly winded beach, we need dress clothes and shoes, we need a weekend's worth of diapers and wipes, some toys, some blankies! A stoller! Milk! Food!

I feel like there's so much CRAP to lug around that we may or may not need (my worst packing nightmare) that there's no way it's going into our tiny two-door Honda.

I think I have to go buy a bigger car to hold all of this.

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