Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Flip Side

So I spent so much time yesterday crabbing about all this challenging stuff going on, I feel like I have to balance that out by documenting some of Lucy's current awesomeness.


When she wakes up in the morning she stands at her crib rails and calls out "MAMA! BUBBA!" and then she'll throw her pacifier out onto the floor and call "UH OH, MAMA! UH OH! UH OH!" so that I will come and pick it up for her. I wouldn't have thought it could be true, but it's so much fun to wake up to. I have to smile when I hear her calling and trying to cajole me out of bed so she can trick me into getting her up.

She knows all kinds of animals and their sounds. Often she'll be doing something and all of a sudden break out an "Aah! Aah!" monkey sound and I wonder if she's pretending or just remembering.

She's an awesome eater even though she still only has four teeth. She will take dainty little bites and chew them with the front teeth so that she looks like a little squirrel gnawing away at her dinner. Yesterday I made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and gave her a taste of the meat. She looked very interested for a moment and then said "Mmmmmmm." with her eyes half closed. Gourmet, much?

Lucy loves going outside and will often randomly sign for her shoes and shout "Go! Go! Go!" while trying to tug my hand to open the door. And this in the middle of reading books or whatever. Once outside her new thing is pushing the stroller around the yard. She'll just go around and around and around until she finds and interesting rock or flower or stick and pause to examine it. And repeat.

She also loves my garden and has learned that the strawberries in there are a delicious treat. She'll wander right in there and pick whatever she can get her hands on if I don't watch her closely. Yesterday she ate a sweet cherry tomato warm from the sun, and it dripped down her chin onto her shirt as she grinned a huge grin which I can only imagine acknowledged the conquest of picking and eating something herself.

She loves attention and games and cuddles and laughs. She is no less of a challenge because of these things, but it is so much fun to watch the person that she is develop.

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-R- said...

That grin is awesome.