Monday, August 31, 2009

Beach Vacation

The Oregon coast is as beautiful as everyone says it is. The beach goes forever in each direction and the mist hangs over the ocean hiding its size. At least it did last weekend. We have been looking forward to this long mini-vacation since we made reservations last winter. Our beach vacation with a one-year-old.

I dressed in my best woman-on-vacation tunic and leggings, packed a thousand baby things and one tiny adult bag in the car, and off we went! The trip was fine, I knitted a traveling sock, Lucy napped, we listened to a book on tape. And the trip took an hour less than we were anticipating! Bonus.

When we got to our hotel, the bride and groom were there checking parents and friends in and getting organized for bouquet binding and whatnot. But our fam, we were free and on vacation until the wedding. I envisioned lazy beach strolling, watching Lucy and my Bubba build sand castles over the edge of my book, and poking washed up jelly fish with sticks.

That's when it started pouring. And it rained on and off the whole weekend.

We were confined to our hotel room for almost the entire vacation because it was rainy and cold and me, the expert packer, did not take into account that it might be 50 degrees and pissing rain. A very un-baby-proofed hotel room. The outlets were right at Lucy's tongue level, there was a fireplace, telephone, TV cords, lamps. Most of our beach vacation was spent shooing a toddler away from hazards in our living space.

Except for the few times that it stopped raining and just misted. That's when we busted out and strolled the wet, foggy beach.

Where's the water? It's hiding.

And someone decided that in order to make things interesting, she'd get up and get comfortable walking!

Stop trying to hold my hand, Mom!

It was actually pretty nice when it wasn't raining. It was cool and damp and the whole day felt like early morning when the dew is heavy in the air. In fact, it stopped raining two hours before our friends' beach wedding.

The roar of the waves made it hard to hear, but boy, it was beautiful!

And then our toddler busted a move with the best of them on the dance floor. She certainly stole the show as far as the older female crowd was concerned.

The arm wave/knee bouce: Lu's signature move.

I think this picture was taken right after she jumped out of my arms to bounce to "save a horse ride a cowboy." I hope this wasn't indicative of her musical preferences.

And then it was time to come back home. Vacations are always too short.

Lu did a lot of this in the car on the way home.

Lucy and I don't sleep in the same room well together. Needless to say, we were pretty tired and happy to get home to our own beds.

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Kate P said...

We got a ton of rain on this side of the country over the weekend, too! Just a bridal shower and not a wedding, though.

Look at you guys all dressed up. Nice. I love Lu in her pink tights. It's fun to get away but great to be home again, isn't it?