Monday, August 24, 2009

12 (ish) Month Update

"Mack, mack!"

So at some point last week, Lucy had her 12 month well-baby checkup. And I'm so far behind I haven't even told you about it yet (you: dying of anticipation).

The girl is 30.5 inches tall. Her growing vertically has slowed down some. She's only in the 90% now. Which is really kind of nice, because it'd be super if her body would let her coordination catch up a little bit. She weighs 22 pounds, 1 oz right after lunch which falls in the 50-75 percentile. So, long story short, she's still long and skinny. She can wear her 9 month clothes still if they're shorts/skirts or non-onsie t-shirts. It's just the length that she needs 18 month sizes for.

The walking. She no longer does it. I don't know what happened, but she now hates it. Crawling is still her preferred method of transportation. If there are two feet involved, she's usually back to cruising the furniture. She's gotten incredibly fast and efficient at it, too. She loves walking outside, and we take walks up and down the block now, but she insists on having at least one hand to hold or throws a melt-down fit in a puddle on the ground.

Speaking of which, she certainly has discovered her (very strong) will and doesn't leave any mystery around how she feels about things. She's got the limp-body protest perfected. You know the one. Where you pick up the kid and they put their arms up and go limp so that you almost drop them? That's the one. Used in combination with the Whine, Lucy is slowly leaning how to use her stocked portfolio of non-violent protest options.

And the nap transition! Oh SWEET JESUS, the napping. I might die.
Short version: Every day is a surprise. And every night, too, for that matter!

Long version (feel free to skip): Today is a two-nap day since Lucy was crabbing and limp-body-ing every time I picked her up and rubbing her eyes and yawning by 8:30AM. There's no way I could deal with hours more of that. And of course we were having a fun and distracting morning video chat with Grandma who ordered the girl to bed. Who doesn't let a child sleep when she's tired?! And Lucy was SO HAPPY to go to bed she curled up all cute-like and fell directly asleep. My problem: What does that MEAN for the rest of the day and night?!?! Now I have to think of Very Tiring things to do so that she takes at least a short afternoon nap and then another list of Very Tiring things to do so that she will deign to sleep at night. (Which might mean that we have no clean laundry AGAIN this week.) Lu's been waking up inconsolable at around 3-5AM and needing rocking and cuddling by Mama, thankyouverymuch, sometimes for HOURS before falling back to sleep. We've tried the "Sort It Out On Her Own" approach and that doesn't work. She's a good sleeper and not really a drama queen. I have no idea what the heck is going on. I've resolutely marked it up to the whole Nap Ambiguity and have put the coffee pot on.

Another new activity is testing boundaries and toeing lines. It's my OTHER favorite thing. I had to actually say out loud this week, "Lucy! Don't LICK the FLOOR!" Lucy replied by slowly lowering her open mouth toward the floor again while looking at me with raised eyebrows. We have a table on which is perched a large potted plant. She's taken to shaking it. "Lucy!" I say, "Stop! That's going to fall on you!" She responds by reaching out only ONE hand and pushing the table JUST A LITTLE bit so it only shakes SLIGHTLY. All the while never breaking eye contact with me. Daring me. "What are you going to do about it?"

And I don't know. What AM I going to do about it? What am I willing to do about it at this point? I probably spend 80% of my day distracting the child from things like licking the floor and shaking the plant on her head and playing in the toilet and taking all my files out of their drawers and clearing off the bookshelves and squeezing diaper rash cream all over the carpet and putting toys into the icky trash can.

And I don't know if I'm ready for a toddler.


What is that we keep saying?

And really, it's a good thing that she's ALMOST as fun as she is challenging.


Lindsay said...

Uhm. Well, she's clearly annoying the hell out of you. ...Literally.

-R- said...

I love the upside down picture.

It is hilarious that she is testing you. Hilarious since I am far away and not her mother. At least you know she is smart!

maggiecheung said...

OOOOOH. I HATE the not-breaking-eye-contact while disobeying you look. Crazymaking! GAH! Just THINKING about it makes me start shaking! I'd say more except I have to go break up a fight over the new train set. WHEE.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz;
Enjoyed the blog. For what it is worth it sounds like it is "TIMEOUT TIME". Of course you can check with Granda Marge to see how our kids trained us.
Still love the blog for keeping in touch !! love ya guys
grandpa mike