Monday, August 31, 2009

Beach Vacation

The Oregon coast is as beautiful as everyone says it is. The beach goes forever in each direction and the mist hangs over the ocean hiding its size. At least it did last weekend. We have been looking forward to this long mini-vacation since we made reservations last winter. Our beach vacation with a one-year-old.

I dressed in my best woman-on-vacation tunic and leggings, packed a thousand baby things and one tiny adult bag in the car, and off we went! The trip was fine, I knitted a traveling sock, Lucy napped, we listened to a book on tape. And the trip took an hour less than we were anticipating! Bonus.

When we got to our hotel, the bride and groom were there checking parents and friends in and getting organized for bouquet binding and whatnot. But our fam, we were free and on vacation until the wedding. I envisioned lazy beach strolling, watching Lucy and my Bubba build sand castles over the edge of my book, and poking washed up jelly fish with sticks.

That's when it started pouring. And it rained on and off the whole weekend.

We were confined to our hotel room for almost the entire vacation because it was rainy and cold and me, the expert packer, did not take into account that it might be 50 degrees and pissing rain. A very un-baby-proofed hotel room. The outlets were right at Lucy's tongue level, there was a fireplace, telephone, TV cords, lamps. Most of our beach vacation was spent shooing a toddler away from hazards in our living space.

Except for the few times that it stopped raining and just misted. That's when we busted out and strolled the wet, foggy beach.

Where's the water? It's hiding.

And someone decided that in order to make things interesting, she'd get up and get comfortable walking!

Stop trying to hold my hand, Mom!

It was actually pretty nice when it wasn't raining. It was cool and damp and the whole day felt like early morning when the dew is heavy in the air. In fact, it stopped raining two hours before our friends' beach wedding.

The roar of the waves made it hard to hear, but boy, it was beautiful!

And then our toddler busted a move with the best of them on the dance floor. She certainly stole the show as far as the older female crowd was concerned.

The arm wave/knee bouce: Lu's signature move.

I think this picture was taken right after she jumped out of my arms to bounce to "save a horse ride a cowboy." I hope this wasn't indicative of her musical preferences.

And then it was time to come back home. Vacations are always too short.

Lu did a lot of this in the car on the way home.

Lucy and I don't sleep in the same room well together. Needless to say, we were pretty tired and happy to get home to our own beds.

Bloggy Give-Away at Carrie's

I will get around to blogging about this weekend. Because, ohmygoodness, it wasn't much of a beach vacation! But mostly fun anyway.

But until then, I am just all about the awesome give-away that my buddy Carrie is hosting. See Kai Run shoes! Love! Go check it out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Photos: Playing Hard Edition

It's Friday morning and I'm voluntarily awake at 5:30am getting the car ready and breakfast made and lunch packed, etc., etc., etc.

To end your week and mine on a fun note:

You could crawl inside those dimples and make a nest!

Hm. What next?

I see you under here!

Passed out after a hard day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Long Weekend

Tomorrow morning bright and early we leave for our long weekend getaway to Cannon Beach, Oregon. I've never been to the ocean on this side of the world, and I hear nothing but amazing things about the Oregon coast. So off I am to explore for myself!

Our main real reason for going is a wedding. Our good friends are having a beach wedding on Saturday afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it, because not only are we sort of going on mini-holiday, it's going to be packed with friends! I suppose that the only way it could be better was if some sort of family were going to be there too. Someone to love on our baby while we cut a rug, you know? But aside from that....

So today I'm in the throes of organizing and preparing. I am by far the best packer I know. I never pack too light, and never pack too much. I always end up with the perfect appropriate outfits for whatever occasion pulled out of my tiny weekend bag. When I pack for Europe (as if I've done that recently! HA!), I bring a medium-sized suitcase and it's the perfect amount.

Except. I can't get that to work for my family. We need the Pack&Play, we need a couple different outfits a day for the messy baby, we need layers upon layers of clothes for a chilly winded beach, we need dress clothes and shoes, we need a weekend's worth of diapers and wipes, some toys, some blankies! A stoller! Milk! Food!

I feel like there's so much CRAP to lug around that we may or may not need (my worst packing nightmare) that there's no way it's going into our tiny two-door Honda.

I think I have to go buy a bigger car to hold all of this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Round Two!

Another round of birthday goodness! Our families aren't the biggest sticklers for birthday wishes, cards, or anything like that. In a way, I'm glad that both of our families match in their ambivalence. How hard would it be to value timely birthday wishes very highly only to marry into a family that doesn't really care about that kind of thing?

I've always kind of liked the lackadaisical attitude toward birthdays, because it always meant somehow that (my) birthday was drawn out for at least a week. In Lucy's case, it's been almost a month!

Bobbing for presents

She got a big package from Grandma and Grandpa T. Monday full of fun goodies to unwrap and unravel and explore! And she gets to share things like homemade preserves with Mommy, so that's a plus! I even had to bake homemade bread last night to do the preserves justice. SO YUMMY.

A cute outfit and bibs in a homemade bag!

Grandma T sewed Lu some bibs. LOVE THEM. I tried to get her to send me the pattern so that I can sell them and start making my millions.

And then yesterday she got the new birthday toy that Grandma R. sent - a sand and water table. Oh the fun that was had!

Actually, the only way I could get her to come inside was to suggest she take one of the boats into the bath tub with her.


This girl is spoiled. And we will be shipping her off to Wisconsin for Grandmas and Grandpas to take care of when the spoiled turns rotten.

Get ready, guys.

The Flip Side

So I spent so much time yesterday crabbing about all this challenging stuff going on, I feel like I have to balance that out by documenting some of Lucy's current awesomeness.


When she wakes up in the morning she stands at her crib rails and calls out "MAMA! BUBBA!" and then she'll throw her pacifier out onto the floor and call "UH OH, MAMA! UH OH! UH OH!" so that I will come and pick it up for her. I wouldn't have thought it could be true, but it's so much fun to wake up to. I have to smile when I hear her calling and trying to cajole me out of bed so she can trick me into getting her up.

She knows all kinds of animals and their sounds. Often she'll be doing something and all of a sudden break out an "Aah! Aah!" monkey sound and I wonder if she's pretending or just remembering.

She's an awesome eater even though she still only has four teeth. She will take dainty little bites and chew them with the front teeth so that she looks like a little squirrel gnawing away at her dinner. Yesterday I made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and gave her a taste of the meat. She looked very interested for a moment and then said "Mmmmmmm." with her eyes half closed. Gourmet, much?

Lucy loves going outside and will often randomly sign for her shoes and shout "Go! Go! Go!" while trying to tug my hand to open the door. And this in the middle of reading books or whatever. Once outside her new thing is pushing the stroller around the yard. She'll just go around and around and around until she finds and interesting rock or flower or stick and pause to examine it. And repeat.

She also loves my garden and has learned that the strawberries in there are a delicious treat. She'll wander right in there and pick whatever she can get her hands on if I don't watch her closely. Yesterday she ate a sweet cherry tomato warm from the sun, and it dripped down her chin onto her shirt as she grinned a huge grin which I can only imagine acknowledged the conquest of picking and eating something herself.

She loves attention and games and cuddles and laughs. She is no less of a challenge because of these things, but it is so much fun to watch the person that she is develop.

Monday, August 24, 2009

12 (ish) Month Update

"Mack, mack!"

So at some point last week, Lucy had her 12 month well-baby checkup. And I'm so far behind I haven't even told you about it yet (you: dying of anticipation).

The girl is 30.5 inches tall. Her growing vertically has slowed down some. She's only in the 90% now. Which is really kind of nice, because it'd be super if her body would let her coordination catch up a little bit. She weighs 22 pounds, 1 oz right after lunch which falls in the 50-75 percentile. So, long story short, she's still long and skinny. She can wear her 9 month clothes still if they're shorts/skirts or non-onsie t-shirts. It's just the length that she needs 18 month sizes for.

The walking. She no longer does it. I don't know what happened, but she now hates it. Crawling is still her preferred method of transportation. If there are two feet involved, she's usually back to cruising the furniture. She's gotten incredibly fast and efficient at it, too. She loves walking outside, and we take walks up and down the block now, but she insists on having at least one hand to hold or throws a melt-down fit in a puddle on the ground.

Speaking of which, she certainly has discovered her (very strong) will and doesn't leave any mystery around how she feels about things. She's got the limp-body protest perfected. You know the one. Where you pick up the kid and they put their arms up and go limp so that you almost drop them? That's the one. Used in combination with the Whine, Lucy is slowly leaning how to use her stocked portfolio of non-violent protest options.

And the nap transition! Oh SWEET JESUS, the napping. I might die.
Short version: Every day is a surprise. And every night, too, for that matter!

Long version (feel free to skip): Today is a two-nap day since Lucy was crabbing and limp-body-ing every time I picked her up and rubbing her eyes and yawning by 8:30AM. There's no way I could deal with hours more of that. And of course we were having a fun and distracting morning video chat with Grandma who ordered the girl to bed. Who doesn't let a child sleep when she's tired?! And Lucy was SO HAPPY to go to bed she curled up all cute-like and fell directly asleep. My problem: What does that MEAN for the rest of the day and night?!?! Now I have to think of Very Tiring things to do so that she takes at least a short afternoon nap and then another list of Very Tiring things to do so that she will deign to sleep at night. (Which might mean that we have no clean laundry AGAIN this week.) Lu's been waking up inconsolable at around 3-5AM and needing rocking and cuddling by Mama, thankyouverymuch, sometimes for HOURS before falling back to sleep. We've tried the "Sort It Out On Her Own" approach and that doesn't work. She's a good sleeper and not really a drama queen. I have no idea what the heck is going on. I've resolutely marked it up to the whole Nap Ambiguity and have put the coffee pot on.

Another new activity is testing boundaries and toeing lines. It's my OTHER favorite thing. I had to actually say out loud this week, "Lucy! Don't LICK the FLOOR!" Lucy replied by slowly lowering her open mouth toward the floor again while looking at me with raised eyebrows. We have a table on which is perched a large potted plant. She's taken to shaking it. "Lucy!" I say, "Stop! That's going to fall on you!" She responds by reaching out only ONE hand and pushing the table JUST A LITTLE bit so it only shakes SLIGHTLY. All the while never breaking eye contact with me. Daring me. "What are you going to do about it?"

And I don't know. What AM I going to do about it? What am I willing to do about it at this point? I probably spend 80% of my day distracting the child from things like licking the floor and shaking the plant on her head and playing in the toilet and taking all my files out of their drawers and clearing off the bookshelves and squeezing diaper rash cream all over the carpet and putting toys into the icky trash can.

And I don't know if I'm ready for a toddler.


What is that we keep saying?

And really, it's a good thing that she's ALMOST as fun as she is challenging.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Friday: So Big Edition

Big enough to sit forward in the car!
(In a carseat that no longer smells like barf)

There's so much to see!
We hear constant reports of "Truck!" and "Car!" and
"Broooom!" from the backseat now.

Our little Lawrentian!
(subtitled: Save a spot for me in the
physics department, Prof. Cook!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'd Be Convinced if She'd Bleat

You'd think she was malnourished. You'd think I never gave her a thing to eat, that she was so starving that she had to resort to eating handfuls of whatever she can get her hands on.

Her eyes look up at you like she's saying "I'm hungry. My mom doesn't feed me."

The girl is no stranger to food. For breakfast she had an entire scrambled egg, an entire banana, and and entire slice of buttered toast. And then she had snacks too. But this hasn't stopped her from munching on playground sand! Oh no. She savors it like she would a fine cheese.

And the weeds in my yard.

And the rock I saw her swallow before I could get to her at the beach.

Did I actually give birth to a goat?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend Wedding

We went to a wedding in Tacoma on Saturday. We allotted ourselves pl-en-ty of time to get there and still we were late. Stupid Google directions.

When we finally showed up at the groom's family's house (the ceremony was in their gorgeous backyard), we were about 5 minutes late, and the wedding party was all lined up on the sidewalk ready to march in. The groom spotted us, and said "Hurry and you can sneak in before us."

Words of doom. I had to wake Lucy up and get her out of her carseat. And that's when I realized that at some point in the half hour of driving back and forth past the same hardware store and 7-11 eight different times, she had thrown up her spaghetti lunch all over her dress and carseat.

Cue UBER GUILT. My kid threw up and fell asleep in it. And I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. I got Lucy out of the seat and handed her to the Bubba who tried to assess the damage. While I was digging for wet wipes and wondering how we could have missed the barf smell or gagging noises. Were there any? There must have been, right?

And then I started crying. The stress of being late, and the Bubba using all kinds of creative curses of frustration in the getting lost, we're in a time crunch because the WEDDING PARTY is waiting for us to begin. We had to make a very quick decision to either go in to the ceremony or take care of all this stuff.

Fast forward 3 minutes. I pulled it together, the wet wipes cleaned up the worst of the mess, we decided that it sucked but didn't really matter, and we went in to the ceremony a bit frazzled with a barfy-smelling kid. She didn't look or act sick, so we've marked it up to motion sickness or something of the sort - she was perfectly happy crawling and walking around the yard at the ceremony.

How I spent the ceremony

And then after the ceremony, we graciously thanked them for holding the wedding for us (OMG, I'm still so embarrassed), and quickly changed her into the PJs I brought in case she got too tired.

A quick family pic before the wardrobe change

The rest of the wedding was uneventful in comparison.

At the reception, there was a photo booth and scrapbooking materials instead of a guest book. The Bubba and Lucy and I took full advantage.

The bride had a beautiful tiara-type beaded headband on with her veil and Lucy couldn't stop "talking" about it. She would point and say "Oooh! Oh!" and make the sign for "hat" again and again. And then even after dinner and saying our goodbyes and everything, we were putting her tired little body into her vomit-reeking carseat, she made the sign for "hat" again and nodded very seriously. Like she wanted me to know that she REALLY did like that head band.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I cut my hair over the weekend. I know, you're probably salivating for more info, right? Well, here ya go!

I've been thinking about going short since I was pregnant. Except everyone always told me, DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR WHILE PREGNANT, like it's a cardinal rule of protecting yourself against horrible hormonal decisions. As understandable as that is, it scared me out of getting my hair cut until now.

I didn't want to cave into the Mommy Haircut. The Housewife 'Do. I wanted to retain my youth and freedom in my long hair. Except it wasn't very liberating, and it started looking dowdy to boot. And still I was scared. Of the whole Mommy Look. I mean, it's a slippery slope, right? One day I have short hair, and the next I'll have to start wearing sensible shoes and high-wasted jeans to hide my muffin top.

But I've been talking about it for so long, my Bubba strongly encouraged me to make an appointment for Saturday saying he'd spend the morning with the monster Lucy. I didn't need much more push than that. My hair has started looking ratty, and an hour having someone scrub my head and feed me tea without a monkey crawling all over me? Um, ok.

And another plus? I was planning on cutting a helluva lotta hair off my head - hair that I could donate to Locks of Love! Bonus.

But who to call for an appointment? I don't get my hair cut often. Every time I get a new style, I think, "THIS time I'm going to maintain it every couple months. THIS time will be different." Except it never is. I go once or twice a year depending on how horrible I look, and I always ask for a cut that will look normal as it grows out. I have been to a different stylist almost every time I've gotten my hair cut in Seattle. The one time I went steady with a stylist, I had to break up with her because she was just too SAFE. She cut my hair the same way every time no matter what I asked for. I wanted some adventure, someone to tell me new and fun ways to style my hair.

I've been looking for my stylist soul-mate ever since. It's a lot of pressure. So many first dates. My list of Things To Look For In A Stylist isn't too long, but I must have some high standards seeing as how I haven't found anyone special.

And then there was Cameron. I walked into yet another new salon and made an appointment with Whomever, and they set me up with a girl I'm willing to see again. She was chatty, but not too chatty, listened to my complaints about my ex-stylists, told me that we could move past all that. And then she told me what she thought would look nice with my features.




The funny part about this new 'do is that I feel sexier in it than in the long hair I clung to for so long. Twelve inches of hair is on its way to Locks of Love, and I think I found a stylist I can be faithful to.

Win, win, aaaaaaand win.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Part-Time Biped

Well, kids. We have walking. After the top two teeth cut, I feel like she's had the energy to put to practicing a new skill. (And now I have the Part-time Lover song in my head.)

It all started with this birthday present:

Look how dark it is at 7:30am! Summer is ending!

She got the taste of the freedom that is walking. And now she takes 5-6 steps at a time which she not-so-politely refuses to do in front of the camera. Is there anything cuter than a diapered butt wiggling and jerking with ungraceful steps? I maintain that there is not.

We are tired around these parts. The nap transition might just kill us all. Lucy is tired in the morning, but if I put her down for a nap - no matter how long she sleeps - she has a super crappy afternoon nap (if at all) and then is asking to go to bed by 5pm. If I don't put her down in the morning, the poor tired cild pinballs around the house getting into any kind of trouble she can until 11 or 12 when I can put her down for a middle-of-the-day nap. Oh, and did I tell you about the night waking? No? Well, she wakes up between 2:30 and 4 convinced that it's time to start her day. Dear Lord.

Add to this the week 55 learning leap, and I've got a whiney, clingy baby who is not happy unless Mama is sitting on the floor doing exactly what Lucy is doing. She will let me make dinner, but only as long as I am holding her or as long as I don't mind if she clings to my pant legs and whines. I don't think I've gone to the bathroom without her in my lap at all this week.

It's been a challenge to say the least.

The joy of watching her pride at accomplishing this ALMOST makes up for the crappy week of nap transition we've had. I say almost because, while it's is just so sweet and endearing and makes my heart expand, it does not make me forget.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grey Tuesday

We woke up to a nice soft rain this morning. Don't tell anyone, but I think it's kind of nice. I really like the summer weather and I like being hot and playing in the sprinkler and whatnot, but I'm so used to a mixture of rain and sun from my Midwestern roots that something different is welcome.

The rain does mean a certain measure of laziness, though. I'm still in my pajamas and thinking that maybe we'll go to the library later or call a friend to see what she's doing to wear the kids out today. But really, all I can think of is curling up with my coffee in the corner of the couch by the windows and reading books while I listen to the splashes of the cars going by. If only Lucy were so self-sufficient.

I cancelled the pediatrician visit for this afternoon. When I called to confirm the appointment, the receptionist admitted that it was made with the wrong doctor. Which isn't the end of the world. There's nothing wrong with Lu. It wouldn't have been a big deal to see another doctor for her well-baby visit. But I guess I prefer seeing OUR doctor. Besides the fact that I love her and we have some history, I would just rather not see someone I don't know at all. Maybe that's kind of silly, but I think it's worth waiting another week.

I should write a long informative post about all of Lucy's new skills, all her new words and how much fun we are having with her development. BUT, see above: laziness. My coffee is freshly brewed with just a tiny bit of heavy whipping cream in it, my book is laying on a cushion that is dangerously close to a fuzzy throw blanket in the little corner nest of the chaise part of the couch.

And it looks like that's where I'll be for the next half hour or so if you need me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So Much Birthday For Such A Little Girl

Friday, my little muffin turned one. And since fruit is the reason for her existence, I made her a blueberry cake with strawberry frosting.

Delicious cube o' cake

She didn't quite know what to do with an entire cake at her disposal. She touched it gingerly before tasting it.

video video

Then Saturday we had a fun party at a park with friends. It was a cool day - not the nicest we've seen this summer, but it didn't rain. And the silver lining was that we had the park all to ourselves.

Playing with a ball popper with great-auntie Mary

Mmmmm. Frosting.

And it was so fun that Lucy had to pass out for 3 hours afterward.

I just love how she sleeps all tucked in. Her crossed legs under her and her arms all tucked under. When I rock her before bedtime, she buries her little arms into my shirt if she can. I tried to wake her up from her nap after a couple of hours (because I was worried about bedtime, you understand) and she gave me such a stink-eye that I left her be.

Apart from the party on Saturday, the Bubba and I spent the better part of this weekend just sitting around. We took full advantage of a lazy weekend to just relax and enjoy our daughter. We played songs with her on the piano and we helped her build towers of blocks. And we had the chance to actually notice all the amazing changes in her just in the past week.

But I'll go into that more tomorrow or Wednesday - we have her one year well-baby checkup tomorrow late afternoon, and I'll update her stats as well as her new skills.

She sure is amazing. My toddler.

Friday, August 7, 2009


At breakfast this morning

In the blur of the last twelve months, I am so glad that I kept a blog. Everyone says it, and that doesn't make it any less true: they grow up so fast. This past year has been nothing short of mind-blowing on a daily basis.

My first thoughts? I just gave birth to Bubba's dad!

A human creature came out of my lady parts. It cried a lot. It ate from my boobs. And then this amazing thing happened. It started learning all by itself and programming itself to defeat the parental unit.

And now? It consumes mass quantities of information each day and translates it into either a game or a joke or a song. My role has gone from Everything to something more along the lines of Food And Sometimes Cuddles as it navigates and explores all on its own.

My sweet little baby. My baby that used to sleep all day long. My baby that smells like energy and softness. My belly-laugher and song-hummer.

She's a year old.

Twelve months

All of the bear photos:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Day Before and the Year After That

I went to see my OB for the last time before the baby was born. I asked the Bubba to come with me because I knew she would want to have a discussion about inducing labor, and I was just too tired and too emotional to be able to deal with it by myself. Thankfully, he was able to go with me.

OMG Do you remember THIS PHOTO?

After checking my cervix and fundal height, she rolled in the portable ultrasound machine for one last check of amniotic fluid. She was very quiet, so the Bubba and I filled the silence with jokes and chit chat, and when she was done, she sent us to the hospital explaining that the amniotic fluid was too low, the placenta had stopped working effectively, and the baby needed to be out.

We went home to pack a bag with intentions of reporting right to L&D after that, but I just kept thinking of other things to take care of. The book shelves needed dusting! And the toilet needed to be cleaned! And I want to put clean sheets on the bed! And my mom's coming on Friday, we need to set up the air mattress! And we never did get around to organizing this closet right! And we should go out to lunch!

We did enjoy a leisurely lunch of Chipotle complete with diet coke. Not much conversation, though. I was trying to imagine what it would be like to report to the hospital in order to prepare myself emotionally. The Bubba was probably thinking about what a mess he left his work stuff since we weren't planning on having a baby until the next Monday.

On the way to the hospital after lunch, I said "Let's go to a movie quick!" and the Bubba looked at me with an unreadable expression and said "No."

I said "Do we need anything from the grocery store?"
He said, "No."

I said "Lets swing by your office so you can clean up your desk."
He said, "No."

"Maybe we could just go take a quick nap at home?"

After 9 months of Hurry Up, I couldn't stand the fact that I didn't know what was going to happen at the hospital. And after. What if I'm not a good mom? What if I don't like my kid? WHAT IF OUR KID SUCKS?! The fear made me think of a million things left to do that I wanted to. A million excuses to wait just one more day.

I feel like tomorrow is MY birthday. The anniversary of the biggest transition of my life. I've come so far! I'm a kid's mom! I'm a different human being from what I was last year at this time.

It's been an entire year of figuring out and laughing and growing and living. And crying in frustration and wondering what the hell we were thinking and cuddling and planning and having fun. And maybe if I knew Lucy beforehand, I wouldn't have worried quite so much. She's been so easy in so many ways. She's so fun and funny and smart and entertaining.

She is the perfect person to help me fit into this new skin of motherhood.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

52 Weeks

This entire week I have been trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my little muffin baby is one on Friday. When I ask her how old she is she says "Aan" and contorts her chubby little baby hand to try to show the number one on her fingers. And then my heart kind of cracks and breaks and all the sharp little shards poke at my insides because my teeny baby is actually super freaking big.

Lucy finally cut the first of the top two teeth this weekend, and the second is not far behind. I think teething is another one of those rights of passage, not only for the poor kid, but for the parents who experience the excruciating discomfort vicariously through the WHINING and the getting up multiple times a night to comfort and medicate and rock. It makes us somehow stronger, more willing to deal, more able to sort things into "Matters" and "Doesn't Matter" as we all just buckle down and try to ride this out.

Week fifty-two will live in infamy at our house as the Week of the Whine. All of a sudden Lucy turned into a toddler. She's been throwing fits because I refuse to offer her various sweet fresh fruit delicacies immediately upon her crawling through the kitchen door. And when I stop her from tearing apart the Bubba's budget/bills/paystub organizational binder (Lord even knows how she got her hands on that one). And these, um, lets call them episodes, are nothing to sneeze at either. These are throw-yourself-around fits. They are launch-things-at-your-mother fits. I'm just not mentally prepared for my sweet little gives-me-kisses and needs-play-breaks-for-cuddles baby to be the fit-throwing toddler yet.

The Whine has been monumental. It is now the status quo. Oh, there is laughter, and babbling, and humming still. Oh yes. However, any dead space between any of those sounds is now filled with the Whine. A constant drone of "Eeuuuuuuuhhhhhhh" to add to the soundtrack of our day.

I'm hoping it has a lot to do with the teeth and a little to do with her age. Like I said, the one tooth has cut through, and the corner of the second is just ready to break the gums. I even bought some oral topical analgesic to use in tandem with acetaminophen thinking it might get us through this alive.

We WILL make it to week 53. (This, too, shall pass.) We will.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Snoozie McSnorerson

What a weekend! Adam and I had a date on Friday. I've decided that Getting Out is something that I should strive toward a little bit more. It was so fun. We went to a movie and out for pizza and beer. I felt like I was in college again. And in keeping with the college theme, I was out at a bachelorette party on Saturday night and closed the bars. Me. I stayed out and awake and laughing my face off until 2am.

I might even say that it was a more Wisconsin weekend than most. The bar we went to on Friday was a "Minnesota" bar, ALTHOUGH everything in it was from Wisconsin. It's kind of funny to that a bar dedicated to the idea of Minnesota did such a poor job of capturing that place. I mean, one of the bars I frequented in France was called 9-1-1 and it was dedicated to American Firefighters. And that owner did a better job of knowing what it was like to be an American Fireman than this owner knew what it was like to live in Minnesota. Weird. ANYWAY, it was good pizza, and I wasn't disappointed with my Leinie's Summer Wheat on tap. Mmmm.

And the bachelorette. She's a Milwaukee girl. We had a good old Wisconsin party complete with obnoxious veil, obscene drinking devices, and a book of dares. The bride is super outgoing and was loving the attention, so it was the perfect party. Everyone we ran into played along, and I laughed so hard that I'm still a little hoarse.

And this weekend has taught me a lesson that is now very dear: YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR THAT S#!T, LIZZIE! I was a complete zombie yesterday. I was on auto pilot going through my day with toothpicks propping up my eyelids and shoving every carbohydrate west of the Cascades into my maw. I was almost wishing I had an office job where I only had to sit and shuffle paper and stare at a computer in order to relax.

The Getting Out was magical, though. On Friday I was my Bubba's girlfriend/wife. We chatted and laughed and talked about things that weren't household management stuff. On Saturday, I was a woman. With girlfriends. Discussing the intricacies of finding your soul-mate hairdresser and arguing the finer points of boxers verses briefs verses boxer-briefs. I wasn't a frumpy house-mom for two entire evenings.

I started thinking that my life is a little too heavy on the diaper duty and being anal about household duties. It makes me lopsided. All of a sudden, in a different situation, I'm not sure how to interact with other adults. Parenthood is my job and my vocation and I love it more than anything I've ever done, but nothing can be the end-all-be-all.

So! Resolved: Get Out More. Also resolved: Come home at a reasonable hour.