Friday, July 3, 2009

TGIFriday Photos

This week in photos:

Lucy is totally uninhibited at the pool. Completely fearless. She crawled out into "deeper" water where she couldn't crawl without her face in the water and got a snout full. She was a little bit upset about it so I brought her to our blanket for a little rest. That is, until I realized that she was crying not because she got water in her nose, but because I took her out of the pool.

Bathing beauty

Directly after taking this photo, my sweet angel slipped on her sweaty little feet and bonked her head complete with silent scream crying. Parenting: FAIL.

Making beautiful music

It occurs to me that I never graced you with a pictures of my new glasses! Now, I know you're as excited as I am so here you go!

Old glasses

New glasses! I know.
I TOTALLY went out on a limb
here and got something
COMPLETELY different.

Well, ok, I didn't but I guess if I'm going to have to sell a kidney to afford a new pair I kind of want them to be classic.

Hope you have a SPECTACULAR 4th of July weekend!


Manda said...

HA HA! I LOVE THE GLASSES!! You are too funny.
Also, I wish it would warm up over here in sunny CA so I can bust out the kiddie pool and the baby bathing suits!
Oh, how many times has my cutie bonked her head two seconds after I took her photo ... oy. You're not alone on that FAIL, darlin.

Kate P said...

Fun pix, and the new glasses look great on you!