Monday, July 6, 2009

On Having My Cake and Eating It Too

For the fourth celebrations, we went to Lucy’s little friend Violet’s house. Her parents have an amazing view of Lake Union looking directly through Gasworks park, and we were planning on enjoying a cookout and playing by ear what would happen as far as firework viewing.

I’m not dedicated to the idea of watching fireworks. They’re nice and I enjoy them, but I would just as soon go home and read in bed. Part of the issue is that they don’t start until after 10pm, and, as everyone knows, I’m a pumpkin long before then. What a riveting life I do lead.

Anyway, I would have loved to bring the Pack-n-play along and stick Lucy in it around her normal bedtime and then wake her up to walk home around 11 when the fireworks were over. But then I overthink it. Would she scream and make everyone miserable? Would she wake up Violet? Would it be more of a pain than it’s worth? Lucy has basically never slept away from home – is this really the time I’d like to try it out?

I went through the same thing when we were considering camping for the first time. What would the sleeping logistics be in our tiny tent? What about warming up a bottle? Do I REALLY want to deal with it at this point? (That answer was “no.”)

I blame all of this on the fact that I don’t have family in town. There’s no real reason for me not to keep to a schedule. There's no spending the day at Grandma's or sleeping over with cousins. There have only been a couple of occasions when I’ve really wanted Lucy to be able to sleep in the car or in the Pack-n-play somewhere else. She’s never even been babysat in a wakeful state.

I’m beginning to think that it’s a shame. It’s too bad that I never leave her with someone during the day (but then, who would THAT be?) or brought her with to sleep however/whenever/wherever we are. But it’s just worked out more easily that we make it home and the schedule just kind of bends to fit.

We have two weddings coming up in the Tacoma area, and this is one of those times when I really really really wish there were some way I could leave Lucy with someone and leave town for the evening. These weddings are full of fun friends and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone and cutting a rug.

I can’t imagine the scene that would happen if I left Lucy with someone else at bedtime – not that she’s a difficult putter-downer, quite the opposite. We just have a very tight little routine down. And not only that, but I can’t imagine that first time it happens and my being all the way in Tacoma if it doesn’t work out. Nightmare.

So I guess we're opting to take her with us. And that part I don’t mind in the least - I love showing her off and spending time with her and letting her experience new things. It’s just the bedtime part that becomes and issue. I don’t want to LEAVE the party at 7 (would we even have finished dinner by then?! I think not!) and nor will Lucy be a joy to have around as she gets more and more over stimulated. So should I bring Lu home after dinner and leave the Bubba to party? Or should I bring the sling and convince her to sleep in that for a while? Neither of those are necessarily idealistic through a "fun" lens.

Sigh! Family, when are you moving out here?? I want to leave my kid with you.

Oh, and in case you were wondering? This is what we saw of the fireworks from our bed:


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

Brad already is luring me out there. I'd do it in a second and be there for you!

-R- said...

Eventually, Lucy will fall asleep, even with a babysitter. Do you have friends that could stay with her?

We've left B with babysitters (H's sister, friends of ours, and H's aunt and uncle) a few times, and B has surprised us by being easy to handle and put to sleep. Not that he's normally a lot of trouble, but I still worry that he'll freak out. Even after he has done so well with others, I still hate to leave him when other people will have to feed him and put him to bed. Turns out that it's much harder for me than for B or the babysitters!

So my point is that it is hard to leave a baby, but it might work out ok.

Carrie said...

You're always welcome to drop her off here- we have no life anymore, and I'm not sure we would notice one more kid :) Please, feel free to ask us to watch her any time.

Cool that you could see some of the fireworks! our windows face the wrong way, so we just heard lots of loud booms.

Lisa said...

We have tons of family to take the kiddo for awhile when we do things, even overnight. But we ALWAYS pay for it in the sleep department. The truth is, kids do better with a schedule. Even though it doesn't stop us from getting out occasionally, with or without the toddler, we definitely enjoy easier naps and bedtimes without all that interference.

Manda said...

I felt like a fuddy duddy too but I have learned the hard way not to eff with bedtime. EVER.