Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Laid Back

I have the most awesome chill baby EVER. I don’t even know why I worry. I shouldn’t. I mean, Lucy basically takes care of herself.

Our friends’ wedding this past weekend was great. The ceremony was sweet and personal because a relative of the bride officiated – but he was RETIRED and OLD and every time he paused for more than a second or two, I wanted the groom to shake him and make sure he was still alive. And he also introduced the bride and groom and Mr. and Mrs. and everyone clapped, and when the clapping died down and before the recessional music started someone on the alter murmured something and the old dude said “Oh! Did I miss something?” and the groom said something like, “Can I kiss her?” And it was awkward and funny and the groom kissed the bride after that and they exited to twitters of laughter and Cannon in D.

Lucy didn't notice

The reception was nice too; they had a buffet at a huge sportsman’s club because there were about 300+ people there. It was in Tacoma, which is basically the Wisconsin of Washington. As we were driving home, the Bubba said, “If we ever thought of living here, I would just as soon live in Wisconsin. It’s basically the same except instead of being right next door, we’d be 2000 miles from family.”

My compliments to the chef

We brought Lucy’s clip-on chair down to Tacoma with us just in the off chance we’d need it. And I’m so glad we did. She sat on the end of a long banquet table and smeared her chewed-on crackers into the club’s linens while the Bubba talked shop with some other engi-nerds and I made my way through a gorgeous glass of ice cold white wine. And she sat there playing with a plastic cup while the toasts were offered to the happy couple, and she sat there shimmying her shoulders to the music while she and I shared a piece of strawberry-filled butter cream-goodness cake.

Busting a move with the old man

I got a chance to chat with friends while the Bubba took Lu to listen to the music and watch the dancing, and by this time it was already after 8pm. Lucy was obviously starting to get tired, and the Bubba and I were ready to call it a night too, since we still had an hour’s drive ahead of us. So we said our good byes and collected that priceless clip-on chair and loaded up.

Lucy stayed awake for the entire ride home singing to herself and letting us know when we passed a truck, and the Bubba and I had a contest to see how many songs we knew the lyrics to all the way through.

And when we got home, I gave that baby a bottle, the Bubba stuffed her chub into some pajamas, and she went to sleep at almost 10 without a peep not to be heard from until 7:15 the next morning. And she made up for the sleep she missed with longer naps on Sunday.

No crabbing (that couldn’t be attributed to her top two teeth that are FINALLY making an appearance, that is), no crying, no drama.

She MUST be her father’s daughter.


Kate P said...

She has got to be one of the best dressed babies around, no question. That outfit is cute!!!

You must absolutely melt when your baby and your Bubba are smiling, Lizzie.

Morgan S. said...

Adorable! That is such a pretty dress. She is looking so grown up!

Carrie said...

I'm so glad it went well!

KAO kid said...

Taking a line from, 'My Best Friend's Wedding,' "Love the shoes, love the dress, love the hair, everything, LOVE IT!"

Too bad there is no Liz in the pics?!?!?