Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Photos: Too Hot in the Hot Tub Edition

Do you remember that skit from Saturday Night Live? "Is it hot in the hot tub? Will it make me sweat-uh?" And this week was the Hotness. Today it's going to be around 88 degrees, which seems nice and cool.

More pics from my friend's housewarming party:

Lucy getting goat kisses. Or else she was trying to eat Lu's barette. Toss up.

Sometimes I can't believe that my girl is almost one,
and then I see her like this. SHE'S JUST SUCH A BIG GIRL!

And we found the one overpriced unit left in all of the greater Seattle area:

Lu's blown away by the window a/c unit we broke down
and spent way too much money on. Anything goes in the name of Sleep.

We have a climber!

Climbing is the new Fun. I'll look around and Lucy will be inside the cabinet, or on the changing table shelf, or on top of the tupperware we keep her play sand in. Sigh. Now I actually have to start WATCHING her. She's standing on her own, and she has taken a few tentative steps, but she's fallen pretty hard a couple of times and scared herself out of trying too hard right now.

Made it!


Carrie said...

I looked at the weather forecast for today and the weekend and was all like "90 degrees! Score!" Massive perspective shift for city of Seattle- check.

As usual, love the Lucy pictures!

Kate P said...

Aaaah! Goat kisses!

Climbing sometimes facilitates the first time a child uses the word "Help!" That was my niece. She's five now, so she survived that climbing phase. :)

Lisa said...

I feel for you guys with the temperatures. I cannot imagine living through that heat wave with no a/c. When we get a heat wave, we grumble and complain and draw our curtains closed and huddle inside to enjoy our central a/c. But while you've had record heat, we've had record lows. Spent two weeks of July with windows open. It keeps raining and the grass is AUGUST! Unheard of!