Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Photos: Pigtails Edition

I can squeeze two teeny little pigtails into Lucy's hair. And so, of course, I DO.

We're still working on those teeth. And I do mean WE. Getting up to comfort and rock a hysterical baby four times a night means I get some credit here.

Being silly in the big chair.

Mmmmm. Pasta and sauce. FAVE!

Learning patterns at the Childrens' Museum

Riding the Monorail from the museum to Daddy's work for lunch.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. The little piggy tails are sooooo! ! ! cute

grandpa Mike

Carrie said...

How fun that you got to do the monorail after the museum- what a fun day!

Kate P said...

Sauce on the face--classic baby photo. I have one from when I was about her age, too!

Annie said...

Ohmygosh she is SO. CUTE. I love the piggy tail. My mom used to do the palm tree pony tail on top of my head when I was, I suppose, a little older than Lucy. That's a fun one too. What a precious little girl you have, Lizzie.

Swistle said...