Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Photos: Music Video Edition

Lucy got an early first birthday present when we found this gem at the second-hand store:

A little naked toe-tapping goes a long way.

Lucy has taken to humming when she's playing and it just KILLS me:

Baa baa black sheep, maybe?

More music table:

This girl's going to break a hip swinging them like that.

And the piano! I love how she explores the keys:

My little concert pianist in training. She's an entertainer already.

Aaaaaaand! The Shimmy!

Shake it like a Polaroid picture! I wish I could get a full scale version of this, but it seems that every time I get the camera she's more interested in seeing it than doing the shimmy!


Carrie said...

Love it- so cute!

ambertheiss said...

So freaking adorable... seriously. Hannah and Sophie had the same table and they LOVED it. She really is such a doll.. and we miss you all so much.

Kate P said...

Ha! Work that shimmy, Miss Lu.

Lindsay said...

This may be one of my favorite posts of yours ever, if not my very favorite of favorites.

Anonymous said...

These are priceless! We played them over and over AND OVER! I love the humming.....don't you wonder what goes through their little minds??? Sending our love. Heather