Thursday, July 2, 2009


Four years ago today, I met my Bubba in the conference room of the church. It was warm, but not hot enough to explain the little sweat drips making their way down my back. “You look amazing,” he said. And there were tears in his eyes. I got nervous that he was sad about being there with me and my heart started beating a little faster as I plotted ways to make a run for it.

Enjoying the view, Bubba?

The truth that made me stay was that I had met my match. He was funny and nerdy and liked things that I couldn’t comprehend like snowboarding and reading textbooks and pop culture. And he liked that I like things that he couldn’t comprehend like French and discussing current events. He made me want to be a more interesting person: better liked, more adventurous, more patient with people.

But really, I had no idea. And I suppose I’m lucky that way – as good as it seemed, the Best Of Us didn’t happen right at first. I find that four years later, I couldn’t possibly have imagined a better match. Something happened to bring us together, and something made us want to get married, but we couldn’t have guessed at how we have grown together.

There were times that first year that I packed the car to run away. There was a time when my Bubba kicked a fan over in frustration. There were times we thought we rushed into things and times we wished the learning curve weren’t quite so steep. We learned that loving each other is hard ass work. But we also learned that we’re up to the challenge. And any other challenge, for that matter.

We make a pretty good team.

Four years ago I promised my best friend that I would grow with him and love him and cherish him. And he promised me that he would encourage me to be everything I want to be and support me in my shortcomings.

Always cheering me on

Being married to my Bubba has been the hardest, most gratifying, and most inspiring thing in my life. And I know that it will take a lot more hard ass work as time marches forward. But man, is it worth it.


Carrie said...

Love the pictures- you guys are entirely too cute. Happy anniversary to you both!

Jess said...

This is such a sweet post, and I love the photos. Happy anniversary!

Lindsay said...

Those are fantastic pictures. I burst out laughing when I read the caption of the first picture. My roommate asked me what was so funny, so I showed her. She laughed, too.

Happy anniversary, Liz! :o) I will say a prayer for you both today.

KAO kid said...

I wanted to send an e-card through hallmark, but those dirty buggers are being greedy, so: Happy Anniversary!

I (we) love you both!

KAO kid said...

p.s. "Something happened to bring us together"... = my favorite line ;)

Kate P said...

Aw, happy anniversary!

maggie said...

I'm late, but hope it was a good one!