Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Such a character!

Guess who's 11 months old today? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? In less than four weeks I'll have a one year old. Holy moly - let's not get ahead of ourselves, my head almost exploded.

Oh! The angel baby! Sitting so NICE!

I almost didn't notice the date, so (grandmas) you sure are lucky that I decided that I should probably sit and write down some Lucy updates lest I forget. And today happens to be the perfect day for it!

Lucy's ever widening vocabulary now includes:
(in order of importance with dialectical pronunciations in parentheses)
  • bath (dat-th)
  • more (mo!mo!mo!) (as pertains to food)
  • walk (wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, as we hold her hands so that she can walk)
  • NONONONO (usually as she does something I tell her not to)
  • water (wa-ttt)
  • circle (euh-ckl)
  • oops (ooop)
  • uh-oh
  • moo, moo
  • quack (mack, mack, mack: in Lucy's world, birds say this as well as ducks)
  • Ruff, ruff (muh, muff)
Signs she's added to her repetoire:
  • help
  • boat
  • change (diaper)
Favorite foods (the girl still only has two bottom teeth, but this doesn't seem to stop her...):
  • blueberries
  • spaghetti
  • buttered toast
Favorite activities:
  • anything outside where she might see trucks or busses
  • the pool
  • her sandbox
  • reading books
  • knocking on doors
  • dancing
Other things she has learned this month
  • how to make tears come while fake crying
  • how to bear walk so that her delicate knees don't touch the scratchy grass
  • how to pull all the books off the shelves in the living room
  • how her legs work to climb up on things
And let's go ahead and be honest here. This is what all the rest of those bear pictures looked like:


Carrie said...

The extra pictures are hysterical :)

Morgan S. said...

Look at those long little legs! What a cutie pie.

Jess said...

She is so cute, it hurts. And I love the outtakes.

Happy 11 months to Lucy!

-R- said...

She is so big and grown-up!

I can't believe how many words she knows and all those things she can do. That's so awesome!

Kate P said...

She looks all of her 11 months in those pictures--WOW!

Spaghetti in blueberry butter sauce with toasted bread crumbs: It's the Lu Special!