Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did You Feel That?

That cool breeze that just blew up from the South somewhere? I think hell might have just frozen over.

Lucy and I were playing with her toys and reading some books this morning. She was happily going through her entire toy box and sorting toys into what I can only imagine was the "play with" and "not play with" piles while I was reading her a riveting story about trains going past towns and conductors shouting "All abord."

All of a sudden Lucy looked up at me and made the "all done" sign. So I asked her "Are you all done playing with your toys? Or all done with books?"

And THEN? She made the sign for "bed." And I thought she mixed up her signs. I asked "Oh yeah? Are you ready for a snooze?" And she made the sign AGAIN.

So, still thinking that she'd realize what she "said," and maybe freak out because it was on the early side for a nap, I picked her up and took her into her room. I closed the blinds and laid her down and covered her up and turned on the traffic-drowning sound machine while singing her bedtime song.


PS - Thank you, God.


Manda said...

UM DUDE, I need to know the signing book/video you learned from RIGHT NOW.

Carrie said...

I'm really not sure I can be friends with you anymore...

:) Seriously, too cool! The only clue I ever have that my kids need a nap is when they turn into little hellions. Your method is definitely better.

Kate P said...

That was cool.