Monday, July 27, 2009

As Long As I Have A Plan

Are you ready for this weather? Because I’m not. High ninety degrees this week? Is it just me, or have we had WAY more than our fair share of eighty to ninety degree weather this summer? And it’s not even AUGUST yet. Where did Seattle go and when was it replaced by Chicago??

Lucy and I have already been outside all morning trying to enjoy the cool low eighties (at 8:30 am! I KNOW!) and get some much-needed weeding done in the garden. With the sunny days and the commitment I’ve made to a thing called “Watering Your Plants” both the edible plants and the weeds have gone gangbusters. I harvested another pint of strawberries, a couple leftover peas, and a couple cups of green beans (which will go quite nicely with the grilled chicken I have slated for dinner). Lord knows I’m not lighting the oven AT ALL this week. If we can’t grill it or eat it cold, it will not be in the house.

I’ve been sitting here making a list of Things To Do to stay cool this week. Because I KNOW that the whining of the hot, teething baby will bore into my skull and I will lose all patience and become the mom that says “Shut up!” to the baby that doesn’t understand - unless I have a prescribed list of outlets.

On the list:

  • Get groceries (take a reeeeealy long time and be sure to buy popsicles)
  • Eat popsicles every ten to fifteen minutes
  • Go to the Childrens’ Museum for hours and hours and hours
  • Go shopping at Target for stuff we don’t really need
  • Play in the sprinkler in the yard (while Mommy sits under an umbrella and sips a pina colada and is fanned by the pool boy)

Not on the list:

  • Go for a run
  • Go to the (unairconditioned) Fremont branch of the library
  • Bake a delicious blueberry pie
  • Clean the kitchen

Hopefully we’ll make it through. In general, Lucy’s been better than I have expected, but she certainly has perfected the Whine. This past weekend it was about ninety degrees, and we went to my friend’s housewarming party. She bought a house with a couple acres on which she’s starting a little hobby farm just west of Olympia. She has goats and a fat little pig and dogs, and Lucy was in heaven. And except for the hair plastered to her head with sweat, I would not have even thought that she felt the heat!

Gratuitous pic of Lucy being super cute with the little baby girl goat.

The moral of that story is: If You Keep Her Occupied, She Will Be Happy (dummy).

And that is just what I plan to do. List in hand.


Carrie said...

Sounds like a good plan! We can get through this!

Ethan's all clingy. Ugh. I'm trying really hard to not just run away screaming "too hot! Don't touch me!!" :) Oh no, he wants to sit on my lap and read a book now...

Lisa said...

In the meantime, we in the midwest are experiencing below normal temps and low humidity. Go figure.

KAO kid said...

Tucson daily temperatures: well over 98 (generally closer to 101 or so)--love the mini goat and the small-Lucy person enjoying each others' company. Wish me luck tomorrow, Liz! I have the bar on Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

Kate P said...

Yeah, the weather stinks out here, too! (And I keep telling my teens to come in because our library IS air-conditioned--sorry to hear yours isn't!)

That goat & Lu picture is super-cute. I love how some kids are really enthralled by animals.