Wednesday, July 15, 2009

500 Words on Nothing

So, it's Wednesday, huh? Looks like I've been neglecting this blog for a while. I feel like I should put up something of substance. I've been thinking about marriage from this article and this blog post.

I've been doing research into fertility awareness, because as I know that you all are SO INTERESTED, the Bubba and I aren't yet ready for Lucy's little sisters to arrive any time soon so we're trying to hedge our bets now that Mama's body is back to basics. (And as an aside? That stuff is FASCINATING! Why don't women/girls learn more about this from the get-go? Or do they, and I just didn't?)

I've been thinking more about my life as a SAHM and my work schedule therein and trying to plan alone time and away time and happy time and exercise time (queen of excuses, right here). And I've decided that I have a full time job and two part time jobs. (Hm. Maybe that is good fodder for a future post. I'm sure you're riveted.)

But I'm pretty sure an entire blog post about either one of those things may very well make you poke your eyes out not to mention alienating all of my male friends and relatives from this place.

So that leaves me with..... Nothing.

We've been busy doing stuff lately, the Lu-bird and I. I've been trying to avoid getting sucked into the internets during naptime and either reading or knitting or cleaning, or, you know, doing other mildly productive things. In order to have a better outlook on things in the evenings when we're trying to maximize family together time and fight the Bedtime Battle.

But the weather has been nice, and we've been getting out to enjoy it. We're frequenters of the kiddie pools and the swings at local parks. And Lucy has a newfound love for her yard. Especially when the sprinkler and sandbox are involved.

Yesterday we went to a concert in the park. It was a youth group playing wooden xylophones, and they were pretty awesome. The concert was an hour long - from 12 to 1pm - and Lucy was entertained almost the entire time. She was dancing and clapping, and when they stopped for their breaks between songs, she would sign for more.

She loved the music, but just as much, she loved the other children all up dancing and playing on the grass. She is completely over her 7 months of separation anxiety and has turned into quite the social butterfly, crawling over to any old stroller to make friends.

Today we're heading to the beach to dig and point at boats. And then I'm going to blink and the week's going to be over again. The next eighteen hundred weekends (or so) we have stuff planned - weddings and parties and weddings and such. The summer's going to be over before I know it. I'm trying to make sure we get out to enjoy every last bit of it.


Carrie said...

Have fun enjoying the sunshine!

Tara said...

I read Taking Charge of your Fertility a few years ago and had the same thoughts-- WHY was I not taught this stuff a decade ago??? Not necessarily for birth control reasons (at that time) but for general knowledge. I was totally fascinated.

As usual, Lucy is adorable in those pics. :-)

Kate P said...

I love that Lucy was signing for more music. I guess when you can't shout, "Encore!" that's what you do. :)