Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Kiss

We’re a huggie, kissie kind of family. Have you read The Five Love Languages? Well, my Bubba and I read it when we were very newly married and we both took about 4.2 seconds to choose physical touch as my primary love language. I always need hugs and kisses and hand holding and back rubs.

My baby is very much a little Love, too. She often has to take time outs from playing with her toys to come climb up in my lap for a hug and kiss. Then she goes right back to playing happily on her own. Except the “kiss”would just be evidenced by a drool spot on the chest/shoulder of the shirt I was wearing.

She's taken to kissing her reflection wherever she sees it: in the mirror, in the pan lids she bangs together while I make dinner, in any of the shiny parts of her toys.  She also kisses certain characters in her book.  But mostly red circles.  This girl has a crazy affinity for red circles.  She'll kiss the red circle portal on a boat in one book, and a big red tomato in another...  Anyway, I digress.

Now that she conceptualizes what a kiss is, she goes in for a nice smooch with a wide open mouth in the manner of all babies.  So at this point, you lurve that your baby can kiss you on purpose to show you love!  But you’re also stuck.  

Where exactly on this open mouth do you kiss when your child inadvertently starts a make-out session with you? This has the potential to be an awkward kiss to the air in the baby’s mouth or worse, an awkward kiss to the tongue. As the recipient of a baby smooch, you’ve got to be on your guard. You’ve got to watch for the signs of a kiss, and then if you’re quick, you can aim and choose one lip or the other to smooch.

This morning Lucy moved in for a kiss from the Bubba.  He chose bottom.  That’s always dangerous.  Bottom lip often includes at least a little bit of tongue and usually quite a bit of chin drool.  And sure, he pulled back and immediately wiped at his face with his sleeve. 

Generally speaking, I choose top. I’m happy with it so far. It seems safer, drier, and generally better. The only drawback is if the baby decides to close her mouth down on the kiss and then you just got slimed when you weren’t expecting it, which may be worse than choosing bottom. 

My Bubba has  resolved to shoot for the corner of the open mouth in the future in order to avoid any slimy mishaps.  We'll see how that turns out.


Jess said...

This post is hilariously adorable. And so is that photo!

Kate P said...

There is nothing like a sloppy baby kiss, is there? :)

-R- said...

Hilarious, and yet, also helpful!

Manda said...

We are a huggy-kissy family too but Syd is always too busy EXPLORING to be BOTHERED with Mama's attempts to kiss and hug her!! :(

p.s. That's a great book!

Lindsay said...

Oh, this made me laugh. Hee.

KAO kid said...

So much truth here...it is both gross and endearing...it is impossible to hate baby kisses, but they are also kind of...well, you summed it up quite nicely!

Lisa said...

OMG, CUTE! Olivia didn't stay in the open-mouth kiss stage very long. She went to regular kisses fairly early. Unfortunately, she took up the pacifier at about the same time, so she ends up with chin drool everywhere, and you get a drooly kiss anyway. The cutest, though, is that she says, "Kiss the Mommy" or "Kiss Elmo" or whatever before she kisses, and then she thinks she's big stuff.

Beanie said...

Love it!

It's the same way with my pups! You have to be really careful when they come up because before you know it, SLIMED, right on the tongue!