Sunday, June 7, 2009


Lucy's ten months old today!

This month has been an amazing one as far as development goes.  Lucy has learned so much in the past weeks.  She crawls now, as I might have mentioned.  In addition, she has become an expert at pulling herself up to standing on the couch and the pointy-cornered coffee table and my pant legs.  And one day she decided that she was going to figure out what those things with the shoes on them do, and she's been bending her knees and taking steps when we hold her standing.  

I've been exceptionally lazy about baby proofing so that's got to happen at some point in the not-so-distant future.  Nothing like these nice electrical cords for teething...

Lucy's vocabulary has grown too!  Both her signing and her verbal vocab have grown.  She says "go!" still.  And now she says Dada and Mama in almost perfect context.  Like on the very few occasions when she needs to cry herself to sleep, I will hear from her crib: "sob, gasping breath, snot sound, Maa-aaa-mm-m-aaaa! sob."  Oh yeah.  She knows how to work it.  She also says owl when the flash card comes up.  She tries really really hard to say "truck" when one goes by.  It sounds kind of like K-k-u-k.  Close enough for me.  "Fish" is a little harder, but she repeats the "sh" sound that comes out as more of a "th" the same as when she (rarely) says "yes" like "eeeth."

Pointing: Lucy's main mode of communication.

As for signs, she's an expert at "more" now.  And she knows it.  She will ask for "more" and then smile a great big smile and lean forward for a congratulatory kiss.  Mostly she doesn't really want more, she just wants to be a ham.  "Milk" and "all done" and "ball" get used pretty regularly too.  

Speaking of which, I taught her how to throw a ball a couple weeks ago.  That might have been a mistake.  Now she shows off her pitching arm with everything.  Let me just tell you that that's a fun game in church when her toy ends up a couple of pews away.

She loves playing "this little piggy" and when I ask "How big is my baby?" she says "Ooooooooo!"  (Soooo big!) and raises up her arms.  That right there?  Heart melting.

So big!

So basically, I'm counting on a full ride to Harvard for this one.  Totally not even starting a college fund.  


Lindsay said...

That last pic and comment are awesome. She's got in the bag.

maggie said...

OOH! OOH! That big building in the background! I AM GOING TO THERE!

You neglected to say anything about Lucy's participation in Mass. She was saying everything in the right places this morning, wasn't she? Of course she didn't outshine MY shriekers. Shouldn't there be some "Exempt From Mass Attendance Until Children Have Reached Sufficient Age" loophole for us?

Carrie said...

As always, SO CUTE!!

Mary said...

She is ADORABLE! And obviously brilliant. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers this weekend Lizzie. It meant a lot to me.

-R- said...

She looks so pretty in all these pictures.

I love reading about what milestones she has reached. She sounds like a lot of fun!

Kate P said...

So cute in all those pictures! As for the throwing. . . whatever you do, don't give her raisins to keep her occupied in church. My mom learned that the hard way with my older brother. During the homily.