Monday, June 8, 2009

Super Long, Super Boring Post About Glasses That You Won't Care About

I’m looking for a new pair of glasses.  My doctor told me that my eyes aren’t getting enough oxygen through my contacts.  That’s not a good thing.  Actually, what he said was, “How often do you wear your contacts?  Because your eyes are very unhealthy.”  That scared me into wearing my glasses for a least half of the time.  And now that I’m used to it, I’m wearing them more often.


There are a couple of things that suck about wearing my glasses all the time.  First, I’m a spoiled brat and I’d like a couple different pair to switch things up a little bit.  I really do like my glasses, but they're about 6 years old, and like I said, I’m a spoiled brat.  The other thing?  I don’t have prescription sunglasses or clips.  I’ve been super-dorking it and wearing my sunglasses over my glasses.  It’s pretty hot.


I went to Pearle vision thinking that I might get a mix-it-up pair of glasses and maybe a pair of prescription sunglasses.  Except!  After spending time picking out a pair of frames that I really liked, I sat down with a woman who may very well have started working there the previous day for how fluently she spoke eyeglasses.  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was six years old.  I know that I need high index lenses and I know what anti-reflective coating means.


Anyway, they wanted almost $400 for JUST the lenses.  Four hun-dred dol-lars.  Do you know how much my lenses actually cost anywhere else?  $160.  THAT'S the only way Pearle can afford to offer a buy-one-get-one “deal.”


I was floored.  Asked her if $400 seemed exorbitant to her.  She shrugged her shoulders.  Then I asked if she knew that the lenses actually cost less than half of their price.  She shrugged her shoulders.  I told her that the boutique eye glass place in Fremont can build me a pair of titanium frames and lenses for the price of just their lenses, and that I was going to go there.  She shrugged again and said, “That’s understandable.  We’re in a recession.”


Now that made me kind of mad.  Recession?  Like at any other point in time, I would be fine flushing money down the toilet.  Anyway, I was so appalled that I actually considered staying there and continuing to ask them how they could possibly charge so much in their right minds.  But instead, I left.


And now I have no new glasses and no sunglasses.  Sigh.

The End


Kate P said...

I totally understand, being a contacts wearer myself. My (now retired) eye doctor always told me I was "pushing it" with the amount of hours a day I wear mine.

Do you see as well with glasses, though? I don't.

KAO kid said...

Turns out that the service industry has not changed much with the fact, it may be worse, because new hires and current employees a like are unhappy and don't care, and now their employers don't care either. Yuck.

I got my glasses at Lenscrafters (I have been going there for years now). Got frames and lenses for $400 and have the anti-reflective dork lenses, and all of the "star-trek"-for long-time glasses wearer stuff you were talking about. Let's face it--we're nerds with glasses (or I am--I'll speak for myself).

So, the long and short of it (more LONG than short!!!): Pearle Vision may go under anyway. You need a place you can go back to and get service. I know your eyes--they deserve it!

Also, re: seeing as well with glasses vs. contacts: You have to wear them often to get the full benefit.Talk to your eye professionals about how this work. (I feel like a commercial right now).
The risks/benefits were explained to me, so now I engage in a very healthy rotation between my contacts and glasses.

Lucy is a cute little button! Happy 10 months!

-R- said...

The other problem with glasses is that babies like to try to pull them off my face! Or just grab onto the lenses and get them all smudgy so I can't see.

-R- said...

Oh, my original point was going to be that $400 is ridiculous. Even lenses with bifocals don't cost that much.

Manda said...

Dude, I can totally feel ya. I recently spent $400 on a new pair of glasses and contacts (I got both for that price ... still a lot). Recession or not, I NEED TO SEE. Also? When I have the next baby and I'm getting millions of photos in the hospital? I'm having cute glasses.
It's pissing me off that they wasted your time. Mamas don't HAVE time to fool around with idiots at the glasses store! BOO!