Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Photos: Father's Day Hike

Twin Falls State Park 6/20/09

Lucy bought the Bubba a baby carrier backpack for Father's day.

Picking raspberries

Lucy and Mama at our "picnic" site.
(Picnic in quotes because it didn't last long before Lucy tried snacking on the rocks and we got sick of stopping her and left and finished eating in the car.)

The family! Father's day hike? Success.


Manda said...

What kind of backpack is it? We're in the market, as it were.

KAO kid said...

I love Lucy! Personality and more to spare!

"A rock-biter!" (I am a huge never ending story buff and that is the first thing that come to my nerdy little head!)

baby carriers backpacks said...

She is adorable, I am glad to see you are getting your little one involved with the great outdoors at a young age

Morgan S. said...

Those are lovely photos!!!!

And sometimes it is better for all involved to eat lunch back at the car while a certain someone is strapped in her car seat.