Friday, June 19, 2009

Foto Foto Friday

1.   Baby's first haircut:

Lucy's hair was so long in the front that it kept itching her eyes.  Add to that a mommy that doesn't do a perfect job of keeping her nails clipped short, and you have a baby with scratches all over her eyebrows and nose.

I decided to bite the bullet and cut it.  It didn't turn out half bad, if I do say so myself, considering that I just lifted and cut sort of aimlessly when she was eating...

2.   The Great Room Rearrange subtitled Baby Proofing For Realz:

Our house was built without power outlets in the living room.  Awesome, right?  So we had to be kind of creative stringing power cords all the way around the room in order to have TV and DVD player and speakers and LIGHTS in that room.  However.  There is a certain shorty in our household that is drawn magnetically to power cords and I was spending most of our day trying to keep her away from them.  It was very unfun for her and for me.

(PS- The walls aren't QUITE as yellow as they look.  Just to let you know in case you were just commenting on my horrible taste.  It's more of a "marigold" orangy curry yellow.  Which sounds much prettier, non?)

How many huge pieces of furniture can we fit in 90 square feet?

So the armoire with the TV etc. went right by where the outlets and cable are which is in my office-slash-dining room.  Our ginormous new table had to go back in the kitchen.  Oh well.  

This move is made easier by the fact that we have been watching zero TV lately.  I actually can't even remember the last time I turned it on.  Which is kind of nice, but I think that it has a lot to do with summer TV being completely craptastic.  We'll see what happens when fall comes with its primetime entertainment.

3.   Gratuitous Baby Pic

Showing off her political affiliations


Manda said...

Isn't it funny how having a mobile child makes you throw all your design sensibilities (and you know, functionality) out the window just so someone WON'T get into trouble? We've just given up and made a corral for Sydney out of our couches and ottoman in our den. It works great but looks ... interesting. OH WELL!

-R- said...

She is balancing the globe on her head! I am impressed!

I think her hair turned out cute.

This weekend is babyproofing weekend at our house. Fun times.

Lisa said...

Cutting Olivia's hair is always done when she's distracted by food or a bath. And it's never even, although with her hair, you can't tell.