Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farmer Dan Involved in Freak Plastic Tractor Incident

In an unfortunate turn of events, Farmer Dan of Lucystoybox, Washington, was involved in an accident of his plastic tractor on Friday evening. The mayor of Lucystoybox was on the scene within moments of the accident reportedly administering CPR to Farmer Dan.

The passengers of the Farmer Dan’s Farm Fun Hayride were shaken up but not seriously injured. The cow told reporters that it was eerie how quickly the mayor got to the scene of the accident. “It was almost like she was here when it happened,” he added. The pig said that he “felt the hayride accelerate very quickly and then reverse suddenly,” but after that, he reportedly doesn’t remember anything other than falling over the corn-fence onto the ground.

As of this report, reckless driving and driver impairment have not been cited as catalytic factors, but the cause of the accident still remains to be seen. Ms. Mayor announced, “Dado-daow, wow. Carlll mamah ba!” as she helped the shaky passengers of the hayride back into their assigned seats. This city remains hopeful that those words prove true.

Farmer Dan will be rejoining his compatriots for more hayriding adventures after a short period of recovery.


Carrie said...

Too funny!

Lindsay said...

I'd vote her in for another term..

Kate P said...

Was there cider being passed around on said hayride? Hmmmm. (No wonder Farmer Dan was so tasty.)