Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cognitive Leaps

  • Lucy has without a doubt made the connection between words/signs and abstract meaning. When we were on our Father's Day hike, she kept hearing the rushing water and pointing and yelling "Car!" I would make the sign for water, telling her that it's loud water. After 20 minutes, she pointed in the direction of the rapids and tapped her hand to her chin.

  • The signs have really taken off. She does "milk," "all done," "airplane," "water," "ball," "more," and "up." And every time she points at something she looks to me to make the sign for her. She's pretty good at saying "car" and "truck", but she's so interested in the big vehicles going by that I feel like I should make up some easy signs for them - as opposed to spelling them out. Unfortunately I'm not feeling so creative. We are currently working on the sign for "change" (as in a diaper) since Lucy has turned into a secret pooper.

  • Lucy waves hello. In her stroller she's a pageant queen waving to her adoring public.

  • I was folding laundry yesterday and, trying to keep the queen occupied, racking my brain for other songs to sing. I started singing "Oh where oh where has my little dog gone..." which I never sing. She crawled over to her toys, rummaged around, and brought me her Baby Tad toy that sings that song.

  • Lucy was in the living room playing very nicely with her toys and I was in the kitchen doing my wifely duties of food-making. Every couple of minutes I went into the living room to check on the baby. One of these times, Lucy looked up from the book she was reading and said "Hi, Mama." plain as day. Heart? Melted.
  • Every time Lucy sees a camera she "smiles:"


Carrie said...

I love the smile!!

Manda said...

That "smile" belongs on America's Next Top Model! WORK IT GIRL!!

Lisa said...

She is too cute. What a personality!

Beanie said...


The doggie thing is incredible!! Super smart!

And, she's adorable when she "smiles".

KAO kid said...

I cannot wait for her to see all of these pictures when she is old enough to care! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

annie said...

She is just so cute. Jake is the same way in the stroller. Recently we were out for a long walk and he was leaning over to the side - I totally thought he was asleep. Then this lady walks by and waves at him and says to me, "He's waving at me!" Even in that pre-sleep, long walk daze he will wave at everyone. They'd be good friends!

-R- said...

All these things are so cool!