Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I’m eating a cupcake for breakfast. But that's ok. Because calories don’t count after you’re thirty, right?

I had to change the little blurb to the right there “about me” that I had written when I was 28. I took out the age bit completely. I feel like I just got married again and I have to remove all instances of my maiden age.

Lucy took me to the Woodland Park Zoo for my birthday. Everyone had been telling me what a nice zoo it is, and I do like me a nice zoo.  I was enormously underwhelmed.  I really should have tempered my expectations a little bit since the zoo I remember going to is the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Which is AWESOME. And also? FREE.

The Woodland Park Zoo is $16.50 for an adult entry. Does that sound completely exorbitant to anyone else here?! And it was tiny and just generally unimpressive. The only saving grace of this place was the variety of animals – they do have a lion and a tiger and elephants and monkeys and giraffes.  And they did have a cool bird exhibit.

I took a picture of the eagles' aerie because I have never seen one up close. The eagle in this photo looks tiny, but it's about twice the size of Lucy, or maybe three quarters my size.  And the aerie?  I do believe it's the size of our house.  A kitchen there, a bedroom over on that wall.  Yep.  Pretty darn close.

But the eagle and the blue-faced honeyeaters and the handful of penguins is not enough for me. So, no, thank you. I will not be going back there until Lucy is at least 2 and begging me to go see the giraffes every day.

Lucy did, however, make an excellent tour guide.

Hm, if we were just at the baboon, we should turn... right.  No. Left.

The petting zoo is this way, Mom!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope the secret dinner plans turned out to be excellent.

Lindsay said...

I love the zoo. I think I'd love it even more if I had Lucy as a guide and you as company, though.