Thursday, May 7, 2009


I can say it as many times as I like and it never takes the edge off the surprise and awe and magic I feel: watching Lucy grow and develop is AMAZING.

Her hair is coming in all copper and gold and I'm still shocked at how blue her beautiful eyes are.  I certainly never in a million years expected to have a blue eyed fair haired baby.  Neither did my Bubba, I think (Us = Not blue eyed.  Or fair haired).

She scoots around, she babbles incessantly, she knows a few words like "GO!" (when we're in the car) and "Nononono" (when she's frustrated) and YUM! (bet you didn't see that one coming!).

I was getting her dressed this morning, and she decided that she can do this:

So...  Close...



From yesterday to today, something clicked and she is even more independent.  It's just so thrilling to see her grow.

However, now that she knows she can do that, there was no making her sit still for her Nine Month Bear Picture.

Placate Mama.


Check ya later!

Lucy has her nine month checkup next Tuesday, and I'll let you know her stats as well as a little more info on what she's been up to lately.   I plan to post lots of video.  Get excited, Grandmas!!


Lindsay said...

I take it that either your and Bubba's parents or grandparents had blue eyes then? Interesting that you both carried and passed on the recessive gene. Yay, genetics. :o)

She is beautiful, Liz, but you already knew that, didn't you? ;) (Also, don't want you to worry about being randomly stalked by people online. I'm the Electra person following you on Twitter. Ok, well, I guess I'm sort of a random person online. I should probably stop while I'm ahead.)

Lisa said...

She's at that age where they learn something visibly new almost every minute. SO fun! And adorable!

Carrie said...

Happy 9 month birthday!!!

KAO kid said...

How completely big girl of her! She is too much! I still think you are going to have your hands full though, Liz...I can feel her personality from all the way over here!!! ;)

Kate P said...

Up tall now! Lucy is too cute.

We're still surprised that my very-Italian-looking brother has three blue eyed kids, too. And his two boys are both left-handed like him, too. Yay, genetics, indeed.