Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nine and Change

Lucy charmed everyone at the pediatritian's office as per usual.  She flirted and waved and smiled at all the receptionists and nurses.  And got all kinds of good reactions out of them.  We sure did like the 9 month visit at the doctor's - all the opportunities for attention, none of the pokes!  WIN!

Lucy is 29 1/2 inches now, which is still off the charts: greater than the 97th percentile.  Her weight is 19 pounds 1.5 ounces which is solidly 50th percentile.  Lucy is what the Bubba and I call SkinnyFat.  She's got great rolls on her thighs and a chubby face, but she's got a skinny little torso.  Her weight fell on the charts, but the doctor didn't seem concerned.  Looks like the Bubba's tall skinny genes are still kicking my short fat genes butts!

As for her development?  She's just so awesomely fun.  Her personality becomes more apparent every day.  She's a curious adventurer and an avid mess maker.

Like a slow moving glacier, 
Lucy leaves destruction in her wake.

And she will amuse herself for entire minutes sitting very still and just blowing spit bubbles.  Unfortunately every time I get out the camera to capture it, she realizes she's sitting still and is forced to move.


She has a couple of words in her communication toolbox now, which is fun and interesting.  When she gets tired or bored or doesn't want any more sippy cup she says "Nononono."  I just love how a baby's "no" is a WHOLE BODY "no," physically pushing away the suggestion of something unacceptable.


"GO!" is her word for the car - when I'm unlocking the car or strapping her in her carseat, she breaks out the GO!s.  She just started using it in a different context.  I can only imagine that she's begging me to go outside, get in the car, do something other than sit in the same room playing with the same toys! Excitement, Mother! Please!


Lucy has taken to "reading" her books out loud as she points to the pictures.  Including this little photo album. We put pictures of Mommy and Daddy and Lucy in there as well as grandparents and cousins. She loves to go through and tell us all about who is in each photo. And especially point out the baby.


This isn't limited to her books, though.  Last week when I was in the grocery store, Lucy couldn't stop pointing and saying "gooliegiggolegallagalla" showing me everything that passed us in the aisles.  Is this what I sound like to her?

She's gotten really good at turning pages in her books, too.  Lucy is definitely our baby. Our little nerdlette.  Left to her own devices, she scoots straight for her books bypassing the toy box three times out of four.


Lucy creeps and is the master of creative rolling, but she still not-so-politely refuses to crawl. There's just something about being on her knees that she finds repulsively uncomfortable. She inches along with the One-Foot-Butt-Creep and is getting faster at it every day.


She's pulling herself up on anything and everything.  We had to lower the mattress in her crib last week because those slats are just too easy to scale - she's working real hard on the logistics of the jail break.  

She seems to have a good sense of humor, cracking up when I take a "bite" of whatever block or lotion bottle she's chewing on.  And my Bubba taught Lucy how to cheer for me when I ran the 5ks and now she will look at me doing something like folding her clean diapers and break out in a big smile and an “AAAAaaaaah” clapping her hands! I translate that into GO MOM!  I love it, and it totally renews my energies.

Lucy has suggestions as to how I should use those energies.  She's also become hypercritical of my cleaning skills, handing me the teeniest little specks of dirt from the carpet threatening to eat them if I don't get to them first.

It suddenly seems as though each day brings a new development and a new discovery.  Like I can almost watch the learning process from one moment to the next.  I have to work hard to keep up with keeping things safe!


Carrie said...

I'm glad the appointment went so well! Thanks for posting the cute pictures and video. She's just a doll. :)

Jess said...

I seeeeriously hope that our kids inherit Torsten's weight genes and not mine. Urgh.