Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Family:

On Mother's Day we had some friends over for brats on the grill, and our friend Tyler took some family pictures in our yard that turned out SO CUTE!

Can you STAND it?  

What a fun looking family!  

It's still so weird and out-of-body-esque to think that we're Lucy's parents.  That the Bubba and I are going to shape her childhood and make memories with her.  That's so much RESPONSIBILITY!  But also?  So fun!  Lucy and my Bubba make laughing pretty easy...


Carrie said...

Those are all so great! I especially love the third one.

I'm not sure when the whole parenthood thing becomes real, but Ethan is closing in on 2 and I still don't really grasp it :)

-R- said...

I love those. You look like a happy family!

Lindsay said...

I love the pictures. They really are wonderful.