Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Goodness

I bet you haven’t even noticed. I haven’t been blogging too regularly lately. My excuse is as lame as it can get. I’ve been reading. Four or five of my holds at the library came through at the same time and I was spending all my naptime with them. Sorry I’ve been cheating on you. But I still love you!

Last week it had been raining like Seattle was channeling the Midwest with real honest-to-goodness raindrops. Which would be fine and good if the mountain winds blowing it horizontal would have cooled it – one night I woke up because it actually sounded like someone was spraying our bedroom window with our garden hose.

Lucy and I had been staying in and having staring contests again and going crazy. The kitchen got cleaned. The laundry got done. I didn’t scrub the tub, but I have to be a special kind of cabin fevered to do THAT. I read Lulu et Les Lutins and What do Cows do? 25 times, went through the photos in her little album 80 times, put the blocks in her box for her to dump out at least 173 times.

Let’s just say it was a good week to just crawl under a fuzzy blanket and read a trashy vampire novel with my alone time.

But this weekend! This weekend the sun came out! And it was Mother’s Day! 

Saturday I went to the Seattle Running Company and got a new pair of running shoes. It’s the kind of place where they videotape your feet as you run barefoot on a treadmill to see how your feet react as you run. I got some kick-butt shoes that feel like exactly what my feet need. And then we went to Molly Moon’s for some salted caramel ice cream (OMG sweet nirvana) and ate it in the sunshine at the park.  We cooked out brats for dinner and ate potato salad and strawberries.

Perfect you say? I agree!  But that’s not all!

Sunday Lucy and I ran a mother-daughter 5k!

Boy, I look like I'm working hard!

Now THIS is the accomplishment I wanted to write about the FIRST time I ran a race. This course had two hills (well, it was actually one hill, we did the loop twice) and I finished in 33 minutes, 28 seconds. And get this – my knees didn’t even hurt. That’s how awesome my shoes are.

What a great way to celebrate Mother's Day!  By wearing matching hats!

AND?  Guess what my Mother's Day gift was?  Well, you're not going to guess, so I'm going to just go ahead and tell you.  When Lucy was 5-6 months old, my Bubba and I busted out some finger paints and made feet prints to use as thank you notes for Lucy's baptism.  In addition to that, we decided to go a little wild with the foot prints and had Lucy walk all over the poster board that I had down to protect the table from messy little moving parts.  It ended up looking kind of like a messy dance diagram and I love it.  My sweet Bubba had it matted and framed and now it's even more awesome:

Lucy's Dance

To sum up: the weather's been crappy, but I pretty much had the perfect Mother's Day weekend.  I have a wonderful Bubba-husband who spoils me and I have an awesome behbeh who makes me so happy to be her Mama. 


Carrie said...

What a wonderful weekend! Congrats on the race success- I still think you're insane, but you knew that. :) And I LOVE the picture- how cool!

-R- said...

Good job on the race! And I love that picture. I may steal that idea for Fathers Day.

Lindsay said...

That is a really cute idea. I'm very glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Also, do not feel guilty for leaving us for books. Books always come first. Never apologize for books.

Congratulations on the race! I'm fairly confident you'd be able to outrun most people if a bear were present, so you don't need to keep showing off. ;) (Kidding!)

maggie said...

Love the picture.

I have yet to go to Molly Moon's. I smell a day out.

And do you think new running shoes would make me FASTER?

Lindsay said...

oo la la. Very nice work by your husband. Way to go on the race!

KAO kid said...

ROCK ON! Love the picture, love the running, love the pampering--love it all!

My knees are hurting even after new shoes, which is making me a little sad! I am thinking a nice knee brace might be in order...I cannot end the running streak--it feels too good!!

Mary said...

Way to go in the husband department! They aren't always so good at the gift giving, but yours seems to have perfected the art. What a sweet and sentimental gift!

Kate P said...

Your requests came in at the library? I understand completely! ;)

That running store sounds awesome. And that picture looks amazing.

Carrie said...

Me again.

Just wanted to let you know that I gave your blog the One Lovely Blog Award. Despite all the running and exercise posts lately (which confuse and scare me). Details here: