Monday, May 18, 2009

Ween, Wene, Wean

Lucy had a grilled avacado-and-cheese sandwich for lunch today.  You would have thought she died and went to heaven.  She would pause every now and then from stuffing her face as fast as she could to garble something that I can only assume means "Thank GOD you FINALLY understood my demands!"

The weaning sadness and over-emotionalness has abated a little bit, but I find myself wanting to hold and squeeze my baby more often than she would like.  She's annoyed by all the kisses on her little face and neck.  She's such a big girl, and weaning is a step in her growing up that I wasn't prepared for.  Completely ready for? Yes!  Prepared for?  Not so much.

After four days of weaning two (three?) feedings, I definitely feel more of a sense of freedom. FREEDOM!  We went to friends' house for a cookout last night and I didn't have to lift up my shirt ONCE.  And also?  It felt good to be able to wear a shirt that I didn't have to worry about stretching out.  On the other hand, Daddy was in charge of the bottle and since we're used to just packing a back-up-just-in-case bottle, there wasn't quite enough for my hungry hippo.  So she ate some avocado off Mama's burger and had more bottle when we got home.  I have to get in the routine of carrying more water/formula than I actually need for the back-up-to-the-back-up-bottle.

Part of the weaning story that isn't so fun?  The engorgement.  This morning I woke up and it was like when Lucy was newborn and my milk wasn't regulated yet.  At first I thought maybe I cut out too much all at once with all the afternoon feedings, but decided even the engorgement is worth it.  Maybe not so worth it: the other stuff that gets back to regular cycling after weaning.  I've gone 19 months without one of those regular cycles, and let me tell you, I didn't miss it!  Add those emotions into the mix, and you've got one crazy-ass Mama who swings between kissing the baby to death and getting really mad that the baby kicks the box of wipes off the changing table EVERY TIME SHE'S UP THERE.

So I've got that going for me.


Carrie said...

Aren't hormones fun? Hope yours settle soon.

My absolute favorite part of weaning was getting to wear a pretty bra again. After months of ugly nursing bras, wearing a pretty normal bra was heaven. Ironically, after being ultra-shy while nursing, I suddenly had the urge to go around showing off my pretty bra to everyone that I encountered. I did manage to control myself. ;)

Kate P said...

Avocado and cheese, huh? My baby nephew's not that into "real" food except things like Cheerios--maybe he'd like that!

I'm with you on booooo to hormones and mood swings.