Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Listy McBulletPoint

  • Lucy and I ran around Greenlake today.  Well, we stopped to see the turtles – there were 9 of them sunning themselves today! – and the ducks, and then we stopped at the park for a quick swing, and THEN we ran around the lake.  And Lord knows Lucy wouldn’t have been able to make it around were it not for all the people walking their dogs.
  • I ran today specifically because I made chocolate mint brownies for my youth group this evening, and I knew I’d have to have one (or four) as I cut them.
  • I told the Bubba it might be fun if Lu and I met him downtown for a birthday lunch tomorrow.  He said no.  And then explained that he made reservations somewhere super secret for tomorrow evening and has a babysitter lined up and it’s somewhere that I have to wear a pretty dress!  And here I just had Qudoba in mind...
  • Maybe Lucy will take me to the zoo for my birthday instead of lunch with the Bubba.
  • I saw a gorgeous bird on my fence today which, as far as I can tell, was a Red-Shafted Flicker.  It was so NEAT and I got all NERDERIFICLY excited about it.  I should hang a bird feeder.
  • We are going to the library when Herself wakes from napping to pick up some new books that just came for me.  Yay new books!
  • Cute new pics:


Lindsay said...

Oh my those ARE cute pics.

-R- said...

I am impressed by your running.

She is wearing a barrette! Aaa! So cute and girly!

Carrie said...

Cute pics!

And hurray for a surprise birthday dinner. You must report back and let us know where he took you!

Kate P said...

Hope your birthday was nice! Have a great year. :)

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday, Liz!! :o) *hugs* For the record, I hope I am as beautiful as you are when I am thirty. I'm not just saying that, because, honestly, have you looked in a mirror? Go ahead--look; I'll wait. ... ... ... ...It's ok, I won't say I told you so. ;)

Little Miss Lucy Lu (Suddenly wanting to redo Little Latin Lupe Lu to Little Cutie Lucy Lu, but then people will probably think I'm singing about the actress) is gorgeous. :o)