Friday, May 1, 2009

Hooky Chronicles

The Bubba took the day off.  And it was the most perfectest day ever to take off.  70 and sunny and clear and the mountains were out.  

It started out a little like Take-Your-Bubba-To-Work day.  Breakfast happened.  Morning playtime happened.  Then during first nap, household chores happened.  Then Lucy and I showed Daddy our spot at the library and the puzzles Lucy can pull off the shelves.

The day evolved into getting little errands done - changing the car oil, having a optometrist appointment (My contacts are suffocating my eyes. WAH!), dropping stuff off at Goodwill, returning a hands-free dohickey that doesn't work with my phone, yadda, yaddayadda.

We ended up at Golden Gardens in the early evening to introduce Lucy to feet in the sand.  She liked digging her feet in and wiggling her toes around, but could definitely do without the sand sticking to her hands.  It was like on Monk - she looked at me like "Wipe, please."

We got almost all of our to-do list done, and that feels good.  But best of all?  We got to spend it together walking around, doing our errands in the beautiful day.


Carrie said...

that sounds like a wonderful day and a wonderful memory! I'm so glad you were able to spend such a glorious day together.

KAO kid said...


Lisa said...

Ah, I love those days.

Kate P said...

Good, sandy fun. :)