Thursday, May 14, 2009

And She's ALREADY Up From Her Nap

I made a promise to myself that this blog wouldn't be a diary. I didn't want this space to be an outlet for whatever negative thoughts are swimming in my grey matter. I promised I would never crab about my husband doing this or that here (generally speaking), and never write miserable things that spiral into more misery. Keep a positive attitude and write about positive things!

But that's tough.

Especially when my 9 month old makes a conscious decision to stop sleeping from 1am to 3am or so for nights in a row and I’m so tired and crabby that I actually start believing that one can possibly die from exhaustion and there’s still laundry and dishes to do during the day and my toilet is so disgusting I almost don’t even want to pee in it and the toys are all over every inch of the living room tripping me until I get mad and kick them and my baby may or may not be done breast feeding and the only reason she still is is because I make her and I think that I should just stop and feed the kid a darn bottle because that's all she wants anyway and my husband comes home from work and turns on the tv so as not to have to interact with a very tired very strung out very crabby me and then I get even more crabby because my husband comes home to ignore everything and then drifts off to sleep while I lie awake worrying about stupid stuff like whether or not the 1am-3am cry fest is going to impact daytime sleeping and whether I’ll have it together enough the next day to get outside the house.

SIGH. I guess they can’t ALL be good days...


Carrie said...

It's a hard job. Really hard some days. Big blog hugs to you. Hope the sleep situation improves soon.

maggie said...


If my kids weren't napping (and we'll see how long it lasts) I'd jet over and burst into my enthusiastic and rousing rendition of THE SUN'LL COME OUUUUUT! TOMORROWWWW!

KAO kid said...

No kids for me--just a big grown up man who likes all of the attention of a little one! ;) He's pretty messy too!