Monday, April 27, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

First thing on Saturday morning we did this:

Daddy and Lucy putting running shoes on

And then we did this:

Post 5k

I ran a race.  For the first time in my life.  ME!  I ran. A race.  With my feet and running and stuff.

It felt good to run!  I was keeping up with other people!  My sweetest Bubba kept pace with me the entire time and encouraged me to slow down when I was hurting and keep going when I was feeling good.  Because he's awesome and supportive and loves me like that.

Except I was disappointed with my finish.  The course included a hill - not a huge hill, but I'd call it a big-ish hill - and going up was OK, but going down hurt my knees so bad I had to walk (limp?) for two or three minutes.  I suppose the disappointment comes from the fact that I was running 4 miles last week and I was doing fine at it.  I know I can DO it.  I just couldn't when it "counted."

I keep thinking, "Man, I would have kicked that race's butt if I had just trained on hills a little" or "If my knees weren't so weak..."  And it's hard for me to recognize that I just ran a 5k in the fastest I ever have (which ISN'T FAST, in case you were wondering at about a ten and a half minute mile pace).  (See?  There I go again making excuses for myself.)

Will there ever be a time when I give myself a break and I can celebrate a victory without having to qualify it or without comparing my feat to what I had imagined it would be?  

AND?  I've only been running for three months.  I'm still new at this and not very good!   I want to tell everybody I know that I finished a 5k with a bum wheel in under 36 minutes, and at the same time, I want to keep it a secret and maybe tell them about the SECOND race I run - in which I run the WHOLE thing and my time is better.

My goal isn't to be the fastest runner in the race.  It's to run a race.  SIX YEARS I've been talking about running a 5k with my Bubba.  I guess I just wish I could celebrate that without beating myself up for not being perfect on the very first try.  


Carrie said...

You did a great job! How did Lucy like the whole thing? Did she nap!

I'm so proud of you!

Manda said...

Great job! Seriously, it's a huge accomplishment to finish a race like that! (and pat yourself on the back ... you didn't nearly PASS OUT after like SOME PEOPLE ... ME). :)

KAO kid said...

I am running too...I'm going to do the Tucson Marathon in December! Stop this hateful talk Ms. Liz!

Running is bad-assed and you are a rock star!

Woot woot!!!

Julie said...

Congrats!! If it makes you feel better, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I ran my first ever 5K last fall. I had been training for it (Couch to 5K!) for about 3 months, and I was running the whole thing no problemo. The morning of the race I was feeling good, a little nervous, but good. And I ran most of the race really strong, till I had about 3/4 of a mile left and my stomach started to not feel so good. I tried to ignore it but it got worse and then worse, and in fact, I had to dart to the side of the street (in the middle of downtown, in front of a store) and throw up. Sheesh. I felt better as soon as I did, and I started running right away and I finished that race in a darn good time, for me. But I was so disappointed that I had to stop at all, for whatever reason. I KNEW I could do the whole thing, but didn't manage to do it without stopping when it counted.

Lindsay said...

I 2nd what KAO said. You ROCK! And that post race pic is very nice. I love the flush, healthy, just worked out look you are rocking.

Lisa said...

Congrats! You are inspiring me to get out and do some running myself. Now if we could just flatten some of these hills...

3carnations said...

Yay for you! I did a mile fun run with my son this weekend. Does that count? :-)