Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoughts on Things

I'm kind of over the 5k race.  Thanks for all your support, by the way.  Such nice internets you are!  And by over it, I just mean I ran it and I'm glad I ran it and it's not a big deal anymore - good OR bad.  I'm on to the next thing.

Which is the Beat the Bridge.  It's an 8k.  A nice little midpoint between a 5k and anything longer (OHDEARLORD).  I just updated my training calendar and today I'm due for a 4 mile run.  I don't think the distance will be the hardship.  I think actually beating the bridge will be tough.  At the two mile mark, there is a drawbridge that will go up 20 minutes into the race.  That means, in order to get there I have to prod my butt to go a 10 minute mile pace.  At least for the first two miles.  We will just go ahead and see what happens.  At this point, I am going to try my darndest to get there in three weeks, but I'm also going to do my darndest to be realistic with myself so that the Disappointment doesn't happen again.

Also?  In Hot By Thirty news, I'm thirty in less than a month (WHAT?!) and I still have a ways to go.  ALTHOUGH, if I am PERFECTLY HONEST with myself (and you) which I very rarely like to be concerning weight loss, I am 5 pounds lighter than at my 11 week OB appointment.  Which puts me at about 5 pounds from pre-Lucy weight.  Except that was heavy.  So all this to say, I still have about 10 pounds to go before I'll really celebrate.

So that's that.

In other news, Lucy's gotten really good at scooting around on her bum and scaling things.  And she even made it up on all fours a couple times today.  And each time I searched wildly for the camera without finding it.  

Probably because I'm moving a bookshelf from my "office" to the living room.  The distance is maybe two to three feet total, but there's a wall in between.  You would think that I was packing up the entire house for the mess I made just getting the darn thing around the corner.  Books were everywhere.  I got sidetracked looking through photo albums.  And, of course, there's always the Why Are We Keeping So Many Books That We Don't Read organizational thought process.  But then the We Have Moved These Darn Books At Least Four Times and They Are OURS argument wins out again.  Mess, mess, mess.  And somewhere in there is the camera.

FINALLY found it:
I Must Pause To Taste the Floor
And Mom? Stop making fun of my HUGE diaper butt.

Do you know what else?  We were going to the grocery store yesterday and Lucy was happily babbling Mamabudidididi as we got ready and out the door.  As I was unlocking the car door she pointed at the car and said "GO!"  That was pretty awesome.

AND!  I have little babies growing!!  My baby seeds that I started are sprouting.


They live on the bathroom window sill and I try not to check on them more than once a day because a watched plant doesn't grow.  Or something like that.  I'm just so excited for them to be in my garden.  On the left we've got 'maters.  On the right spinach, and the fat ones all the way to the right are zucchinis.  Not that I thought I'd have trouble sprouting zucchinis - they seem to grow just about anywhere just about anyhow.  But I started the egg carton for my tomatoes, and had to fill the rest of the cubbies.  And I love them.  Lucy and I go in there and say nice things to them and sing them songs just like Toad does.  Lucy also has a book called Une fleur c'est fragile that says "Quand on met une graine dans la terre et qu'on l'arrose, elle germe.  ...  On la regarde.  On lui parle."  So we (meaning I) recite that too.

I can't count on nap time being much longer, so I have to go get ready for my run.  That reminds me that I should really invest in a sun hat with a strap for my precious girl who's new favorite pastime is ripping things off of her head and out of her hair.  And let me tell you, there's nothing quite like a fit thrown at mile 2.5 of 4 because of sun in eyes and insistence on being carried the REST OF THE WAY HOME.


Jess said...

OMG I cannot get over the whole pointing at the car and saying GO! thing. Too cute for words.

Carrie said...

Love the picture, she's hysterical :)

And you should be all prepared for the race if your training involves carrying Lucy! It'll be a breeze to run without her.

Hat advice- we got Ethan's summer hat at Gymboree. It stayed on, despite his very determined efforts to remove it.

I'm going to email you soon about getting together. But now I have to go plug in my computer before the battery dies.