Monday, April 13, 2009

Sugar Hangover

We held our annual Easter “brunch” chez nous again this year, and it was, in my opinion, a smashing success!  We had a collection of friends that don’t have family in the area with whom we celebrate holidays we can’t get home for.  Like Easter.  Thanksgiving.  Okay, Christmas too. They’re our in-town family when it comes to holidays, I suppose.

I put brunch in quotes because we actually ate around 3pm, but we had breakfast food for the most part, so whatever. I figure it still counts as brunch.  We made an egg casserole, I made cinnamon rolls from scratch (this recipe - OMG SO good!), and my sweet Bubba made a strawberry/lemon trifle.  Les invitees brought fruit salad and green salad and we feasted!

Wyatt brought mimosas, and about three quarters of the way into my delicious drink I said “You guys, I think I’m… I think I’m drunk.” And simply the fact that I had to say it twice, the fact that I just couldn’t blurt it out in the first try made it so. So by the time “dinner-brunch” rolled around everyone was animated and laughing and I was hung over.

And then after the busy day of church and cooking and baking and company and a lingering headache, I was in bed and asleep by about 9:30. Oh what an exciting life I do lead!

A couple great things happened as a direct result of having an Easter meal at my house. The house got cleaned. No kidding. I scrubbed the sinks and counters and toilet and I even wiped the condensation off the bathroom ceiling (we rent an oldish house in which they very recently at our request installed a bathroom fan and it has actually made the moisture issue worse because the handyman our landlords hired to do it made it such that the moisture from outside now ends up on our bathroom ceiling as well as the shower moisture. Yes, it’s awesome and I really love wiping down the ceiling and walls in there every week or so in case you were wondering. Bubba, when are we moving into our new house with brand new bathrooms and kitchen??). I made beds! Put away clothes! Dusted! The Bubba organized and swept. And TAADAA! We have a nice clean house. I LOVE having a clean house. I just sit and look around with a little Look-How-Nice-And-CLEAN!” smile on my face.

Another great thing is that we finally replaced our borderline crappy dining table with a for real grown-up table with a LEAF in it. So now we can actually fit more than three people for dinner! And it’s NEW. We don’t have very many things that we bought new from an actual store, so it’s not only new, it’s NEW. And pretty. And all the scratches and bumps and wobbles that it gets will all be from us.

I love shiny new things.

Lucy wasn’t too sure about all the activity and all the people. I go in and check on her before I cash in for the night, and usually she wakes up a little bit with the squeak of the door and the clicking off of her heater. Last night, nothing. She was so dang tired.  I had to have the Bubba help me to make sure she was breathing without waking her.  

Speaking of Lucy's sleep, she FINALLY cut one of her bottom teeth yesterday.  It now makes a clinking noise when tasting the rim of my mimosa glass.  She has been waking up once or twice during the night for the past week or two, and I don't know if it's mouth related, growth related, or developmental stage related.  It doesn't matter so much WHICH, I just wonder when the sleeping through the night will return..

She also just started doing this little caterpillar move:
Bounce like your booty's got the hiccups!

Which I'm thinking is her precursor to crawling. Stay tuned!

I hope your Easter celebrations were wonderful and I also hope you've gained approximately a stone in pure sugar so that I'm not the only one!


Carrie said...

Love the table, and the menu sounds fabulous! Congrats to Lucy on the tooth.

I put away so much sugar this weekend... this kid is going to come out and have serious sugar withdrawal at this rate. :)

-R- said...

Ha - waking up twice is a GOOD night for us!

The new table is very nice, and of course, Lucy is super cute.

Kate P said...

Oooh, look at the pretty new table!

I have a party hangover, too. Broke even weight-wise, which still is. . . ugh.